8 Healthy Options to Beat Pizza Cravings

Put down the phone and throw out the pizza delivery magnet on your refrigerator. If you have a need for cheese and pizza is your favorite cheat meal, then you'll love this list of pizza-inspired dishes with a skinny twist. Cheat no more with our celebration of all things pizza, made healthy!

1. Skinny Pizza Wrap: Not only is this an on-the-go pizza dish, the calorie count is surprisingly low. With under 250 calories, this wrap rolls up all the pizza pizzazz in a portable lunch or quick throw-together dinner. With easy ingredients you can always keep on hand, this can be a go-to craving solution. Click here for the recipe.

Pizza Wrap

2. Lemon Arugula Pizza: This pizza option allows you to pack in greens and flavor in the perfect pie combination. The spice of arugula combined with the citrus punch of lemon is a flavor combination that is sure to please any palette. If you want pizza, but want to take a turn from the traditional, this pizza pick won't disappoint. Check it out here.

Lemon Arugula Pizza
(Photo: "Two Peas and Their Pod")

3. Skinny Hawaiian Pizza Pasta: Pizza comes in all flavors, but Hawaiian is a popular favorite. Enjoy the same Hawaiian flavors in this pizza pasta recipe made with whole-wheat pasta and traditional fresh ingredients like basil, ham and pineapple. Here it is!


4. Raw Pizza with Spinach Pesto and Marinated Vegetables: If you are looking for raw recipes or want to try a raw recipe for the first time, this pizza is a perfect place to start. Broaden your pizza horizons with this delicious combination of vegetables, seeds and seasonings packed into an impressive pizza presentation – no cooking required. Check it out here.

Raw Spinach Pesto Pizza
(Photo: "This Rawsome Vegan Life")

5. Zuchinni Pizza Boats: If you need a vegan choice, but still crave the pizza taste, this is your best choice. If you're not a vegan then feel free to add a little cheese to this dish. Either way, it's a delicious way to please your pizza craving without feeling a pizza carb guilt. Yes, please!

Zucchini Pizza Boats
(Photo: "In Sonnet's Kitchen")

6. Mini Caprese Pizzas: The name says it all for this alternative pizza option. Fit for a snack or a light meal, even the kids will love the portable and mini presentation this English muffin pizza offers. Check it out here!

Mini Caprese Pizza0comments

7. Pizza Chicken Tenders: Maybe it's the pizza taste you crave, but a meaty meal you need. This dish combines two guilty pleasures of pizza and chicken tenders into one fusion of guilt-free indulgence. This meal is sure to kick cravings to the curb with something the entire family will thank you for. Here's your next family favorite meal!

Pizza Chicken Tenders
(Photo: "Rachel Cooks")

8. Cauliflower Pizza: Don't let the name scare you off. This is the real deal. Enjoy the cheesy goodness of a traditional pizza pie without the simple carbohydrates and high sugar content in many traditional doughs. The crispy cauliflower crust is a skinny swap that will likely go unnoticed by anyone other than you! Here's the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.

(Photo: Ambitious Kitchen)