7 Margaritas for a Skinny Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style! These margarita recipes are all tasty and refreshing but with the added bonus of being lower in calories than most margs! Invite the girls over and prepare a pitcher.

Skinny Margarita:

skinny margarita

A usual margarita can have an upwards of 500 calories. Our margarita recipe has only 106 calories per serving! It's refreshing and totally guilt-free! Get the recipe here!

Skinny Strawberry Jalapeño Margarita:

skinny strawberry jalapeno margarita
(Photo: The Cookie Rookie)

Fun, refreshing, icy and delicious, this strawberry cocktail is one for the books! With a spicy garnish for flair, you'll never want Cinco de Mayo to end. (via The Cookie Rookie)

Tequila Avocado Margarita:

Tequila Avocado Margarita

(Photo: Blender Babes)

A margarita made with avocado may sound strange, but it's a great way to include some healthy nutrients in your drink! Plus, it has a great texture! (via Blender Babes)

Pear Margarita:

pear margarita

(Photo: Cereus Art)

Cool and tasty, this is a sweet margarita! Rim the glass with some sugar to really finish it off and enjoy! (via Cereus Art)

Strawberry Margarita Mocktail:

strawberry mocktail

(Photo: Everyday Southwest)

An alcohol-free margarita is still a fun and tasty way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! If you're inviting the girls over for a fun night in, this is a great drink to have on hand for anyone who's pregnant or needs to drive! (via Everyday Southwest)

Skinny Blackberry Margaritas:

Blackberry Margaritas

(Photo: Dinners, Dishes and Desserts)

This is a tasty new way to serve up your favorite cocktail! This drink pairs with Mexican food, a burger off the grill and just about anything else! (via Dinners, Dishes and Desserts)


Carrot and Ginger Sparkling Margarita:

carrot ginger marg
(Photo: Rachel Ray)

Try something new with this skinny and tasty recipe! You may have never considered using these ingredients in a cocktail before, but this sparkling recipe will change your mind! (via Rachel Ray)