7 High-Fiber Breakfasts To Power You Through To Lunch

Getting a healthy breakfast is nearly impossible when you have little Joey destroying the bathroom, baby Billy screaming from his crib and sister Annie putting on mommy's lipstick. Who has time for breakfast — let alone a healthy breakfast? If you're a mom, chances are you don't! Luckily, we've got just the thing you need. These breakfast recipes are quick and easy to make, healthy, and they taste delicious. You won't have to skip breakfast again with these high-fiber breakfast recipes.

1. Berry Smoothie Bowl With Toasted Coconut: Do you crave sugary things in the morning, but don't want to ruin your diet? This recipe is the best solution ever to your problem. The berries and coconut will give you the illusion of consuming tons of sugar, but in reality? Not so much! Plus, it doesn't hurt that this smoothie bowl is crazy high in protein and fiber either. Breakfast—check! Here's the recipe.

Berry Smoothie Bowl

2. Protein Packed Fruity Breakfast Quinoa: Stop everything and get a load of this power bowl. Not only will it keep you full until lunch (we promise!) but it's high in protein and fiber, so you know you're starting your day off right. You'll want to save this recipe.

Protein Packed Fruity Breakfast Quinoa finshed close up

3. Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal: High in fiber and rich in flavor, this apple pie oatmeal with satisfy all your early-morning cravings without wrecking your diet. Find the recipe here.

Slow Cooker Apple Pie Oatmeal

4. Skinny Avocado Egg Scramble: Love eggs in the morning? Then you'll love this yummy egg dish that incorporates avocados, bell peppers and chili powder! It's crazy high in fiber content, not to mention all that protein. (18 grams!) Print the recipe here.

avocado egg scramble

5. Turkey Bacon, Egg White, Spinach Breakfast Sandwich: You don't have to stop at McDonald's for your breakfast sandwich anymore, especially now that you have this high-fiber recipe in your arsenal. Even better than it's rich taste and filling ooey-gooeyness is the fact that it only takes five minutes to prep, and 10 to cook! Click here to find the recipe.

turkey bacon egg white spinach breakfast sandwich

6. Protein Packed Huevos Rancheros: We know from the title that it's high-protein, but did you know this breakfast tortilla is high-fiber as well? At 10 grams, this meal will fill you up without filling you out. And guess what? One of the ingredients is sriracha! Click here to make it now!

0commentsHuevos Rancheros

7. Fruity Overnight Oats: The creamy texture with the soft chewy oats will take your morning from an terrible two to a terrific ten in no time! We love how easy it is to make these overnight oats — so easy you'll have the recipe memorized after one try! Print the recipe here and prepare to indulge in your new favorite breakfast dish.

21-Day Shred Overnight Oats