6 Tips for Taking Sexy Selfies

In today’s age of Snapchat, texts and other sorts of instant messaging, learning to take the [...]

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In today's age of Snapchat, texts and other sorts of instant messaging, learning to take the ideal sexy photo has become a bit of an art form, as well as a regular part of dating or being in a relationship. However, capturing the perfect photo that's both confident and attractive is easier said than done. Most women (and men) will spend several minutes or more adjusting their poses, trying different facial expressions, and desperately hoping that the picture elicits the desired response from their partner.

If you usually struggle to feel sexy in selfies, here are a few tips that will make the photo-taking process painless and effective.

Take Your Time

Feeling rushed or pressured to send the sexy photo back immediately can seriously dampen the picture's overall effect. When the time comes to snap a pic, take a deep breath and remind yourself that there's no time constraint on creating the perfect photo. Mess around with angles, lighting and poses. Wait until you truly feel confident enough to send the image instead of throwing out the first one that seems to do the job.

Find Out What Makes You Feel Sexy

Everyone feels attractive in different situations. Does doing your makeup and hair make you feel like an alluring woman? Does working out and grabbing a sweaty Snapchat leave you feeling like a sexy athlete? Do whatever works for you. If you're not sure what makes you feel the most attractive, try multiple different kinds of settings. Take some photos on your bed, then move to the bathroom, then try the closet. There's no harm in experimenting with several different backgrounds and moods.

Look Up Pictures of Models Posing

Look, no one innately knows just how to pose in a sexy manner. Even models and actresses have to work at their technique before becoming masters. Therefore, it's a great idea to look for inspiration from professionals instead of trying to come up with your own poses. Chairs, beds, windows and floors can all be used as props, especially if you have an example photo to work with.

Practice in the Mirror

Before you even whip out your phone or camera, try a few poses and facial expressions in the mirror. This will help you discover your best angles and plan out the perfect picture. Plus, mirrors can help you catch awkward things (like weird tan lines or blemishes) that you don't want slipping into the photo.

Don't Primp Too Much

Although preparing for the photo a little bit is important, don't get too wrapped up in the details. The best sexy photos look somewhat effortless, so you don't need to have every eyelash or earring in place. Keep things casual by wearing your comfiest clothing or rocking that bed head. Your partner will go crazy for it.

Snap Photos in Advance

Next time you're feeling on top of your game, snap a few pictures in preparation for your next selfie session. This will make things so much easier. Just be sure to keep any revealing photos kept in a locked file so that they don't make their way into the hands of others (or god forbid, the internet).

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