6 Tips for Planning the Most Romantic Weekend Getaway

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Don't you feel like a vacation is so needed right about now? If a full-fledged week vaca is not in your future, why not try a mini-getaway?

Taking a three-day romantic trip with your partner can do wonders for a relationship, helping strengthen feelings of intimacy, communication and the solidly rooted friendship you initially had before dating or wedded bliss. Since how well you get along while traveling can make (or break) a relationship, you definitely want to do it right. Whether looking for time away from the kids, or to add zest into a dull work week, a few tips and tricks to making the most of a long weekend and you will come back refreshed and better than ever.

1. Research Destinations Together

While relaxing by the beach with a cocktail in hand might bring out your tan, it’s essential to research destinations together because you might like one thing, but he will certainly like another. By researching together, not only are you building excitement, but you’re working as a team before the fun begins.

2. Pick a Romantic and Quiet Location

Cozying up in a private cabin by the lake, ski resort, or a B&B furthers an intimate bond, while visiting wineries and walking amongst vineyards says a lot in the value you hold for each other through conversation and friendship. Picking a franchise hotel might seem cost-effective, but do you really want to run into giggling teenagers or the boys softball team and ruin your mojo?

3. Take the scenic route

Since weekends aren’t longer than three days (boo!), stop and literally smell the roses at roadside attractions, take selfies with your love along the way amidst awesome backdrops, and keep the conversation and hilarity going in the old wagon. Some of the most memorable and cherished moments of your weekend might be before you even reach that romantic destination!

4. Turn off technology

Sure, we need our phones for safety or checking up at home, but don’t “phub” this up and spoil a gorgeous weekend by immersing yourself in your smartphone. If unplugging from office culture fills you with anxiety, evaluate the level of connectivity that is acceptable, set up out-of-office replies and compromise by logging out from social media.

5. Be Intimate and Spontaneous


Memorable weekends thrive on spontaneity and flirting! Since Penn State researchers stated playfulness aids attraction, throw caution to the wind and go the unplanned route. This creates intimacy that begets trust and amusement in the unforeseen, and an openness that will have you both excited as you head back to enjoy the views of your hotel room.

6. Dine and Dance

If you don’t have the kids with you or don’t have kids at all, don’t go to a family restaurant because not only can the atmosphere ruin the vibes, but hitting the dance floor with kids around isn’t easy. Instead, wear that pretty blue dress he loves you in and head to a restaurant that is lively and warm with the faint din of wine glasses, and then focus on each other as if no one else matters around you.