50 Meals You Can Make in a Muffin Tin

Dinner can fall into a boring routine week by week. If you are looking for a fun and new way to [...]

Dinner can fall into a boring routine week by week. If you are looking for a fun and new way to serve up some grub, try making it muffin style! You'll seriously impress the family, plus it makes for a great on-the-go meal!

Baked Mac & Cheese Cups To-Go: This is a meal your kids will go crazy for: mac and cheese in a fun way! Click here to get this recipe.

(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

Turkey Meatloaf Cups and Mashed Cauliflower: Meatloaf isn't all that appealing to kids, but have you tried it in bite-sized BBQ form? Click here to be taken to this recipe.

bbq turkey meatloaf cups

Skinny Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Cups: These are a great way to get big flavor in a small bite! This cute Skinny Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Cup appetizer won't ruin your meal, and will be a hit at your next backyard BBQ. At 133 calories per serving, that adds up to only 67 calories for one prepared cup! Get the recipe here.


Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Cups: Need a fast and easy breakfast? This is a great choice! Make a big batch and you're set for the week. (via Live Well Bake Often)

(Photo: Live Well Bake Often)
Turkey Meatloaf Muffins: Need something that won't set you over your Weight Watchers points? This dinner only counts for 4 points! (via Weight Watchers)
turkey meatloaf
(Photo: Weight Watchers)

Petite Lasagnas: Pasta lover? Keep it skinny with these yummy Petite Lasagnas! (via Can You Stay For Dinner?)

petite lasagnes
(Photo: Can You Stay For Dinner?)

Baked Potato Cupcakes: These make for the perfect appetizer for your next dinner or to bring to a cookout! (via Dairy Makes Sense)

baked potato cupcakes
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Granola Cups with Yogurt: This is great for breakfast or a healthy snack. Plus, your kids will like it too! (via Muffin Tin Mania)

granola cup with yogurt
(Photo: Muffin Tin Mania)

Mini Fritatas: Whether you have guests over for brunch or you're just feelin' fancy, these are a great breakfast to impress! (via Wishful Chef)

mini fritatas
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Parmesan Hash Brown Cups: These are a yummy little treat to serve as a side dish during your next brinner, but try not to eat them in excess. (via The Yummy Life)

parmesan hash brown cups
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Kale Cups: Kale is an insanely good superfood. It's got tons of vitamins and antioxidants. However, getting kids to eat green can be tricky. Try making it like this to appeal to a picky eater! (via Muffin Tin Mania)

Kale Cups
(Photo: Muffin Tin Mania)

Mini Crab Cakes: Perfect for a afternoon appetizer at a party, these crab cakes are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. (via Noble Pig)

mini crab cakes
(Photo: Noble Pig)

Soup: Soup is a great go to meal in any whether, especially when you're feeling under the weather. We LOVE weight loss soup and this Tortilla Chicken Soup. Make the soup, put it in a muffin tin, freeze and reheat later for the perfect individual portions! (via Mommy in Charge)

muffin tin soup
(Photo: Mommy in Charge)

Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas: Now there's no fighting between the kids over what toppings to put on the pizza because they can pick out their own! (via Martha Stewart)

mini deep dish pizza
(Photo: Martha Stewart)

Spaghetti and Cheese Nests: This is a fun way to serve noodles if your kids are getting tired of spaghetti night every week. (via Family Fresh Cooking)

spaghetti and cheese nest
(Photo: Family Fresh Cooking)

Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes: Make lots of these to serve for dinner or use them for a classic comfort food hors d'oeuvre! (via Table Spoon)

chicken pot pie cups
(Photo: Table Spoon)

Jumbo Burger Cups: Do your kids love burgers? Try this out! It's a big biscuit with a meaty surprise inside! (via Do You Know The Muffin Pan?)

jumbo burger cup
(Photo: Do You Know The Muffin Pan?)

Muffin Tin Tacos: Families love Mexican dinners, so switch it up and make tonight's tacos in the muffin tin! (via Hispanic Kitchen)

muffin tin taco
(Photo: Hispanic Kitchen)

Corned Beef and Swiss Mini Pot Pies: This is a muffin meal that makes for a great entree, not just a side! (via Pillsbury)

corned beef and swiss mini pot pies
(Photo: Pillsbury)

Parmesan Chicken Mini Pies: Running out of ways to serve the kids chicken? This is a great recipe they'll love! (via Pillsbury)

parmesan chicken mini pies
(Photo: Photo Credit Pillsbury)

Mini Beef and Potato Nugget Casserole: Anything with "nugget" is sure to appeal to the kids! Even your picky eaters will like this simple recipe! (via Pillsbury)

mini beef and potato nugget casserole
(Photo: Pillsbury)

Mini Mexican Pizzas: What's better than pizza night? Mexican pizza night! This is a fun and yummy meal the whole family will enjoy. (via Dashing Dish)

mini mexican pizza
(Photo: Dashing Dish)

Cauliflower 'Hashbrown' Egg Cups: These tasty little cups are a convenient way to pack in lots of protein, without many carbs. Cauliflower is a great neutral base to replace potatoes with. In this recipe the riced cauliflower stands in as hash browns to create the perfect nest for the egg to cook in. Get the recipe here.


Taco Cupcakes: This is another great Mexican option for snacks, appetizers or even a whole meal! (via Recipe by Photo)

taco cupcakes
(Photo: Recipe by Photo)

Fiesta Chicken Bites: Celebrate any occasion or just another day with these fun and flavorful bites! (via Recipe by Photo)

fiesta chicken bites
(Photo: Recipe by Photo)

Egg and Veggie Sandwiches: Make a muffin tray of these egg and veggie patties to eat on a sandwich throughout the week! (via The Garden Grazer)

egg and veggie breakfast sandwiches
(Photo: The Garden Grazer)

Caultiflower Pizza Bites: Cauliflower is a superfood. It's great for you. But sometimes, the best way to convince kids to eat it is sneaking it into some pizza! Get the recipe here.


Meatloaf Cupcakes: A great way to get your protein in is to make it more fun! Try out this cute meatloaf recipe on the family! (via Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy)

meatloaf cupcakes
(Photo: Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy)

Baked Egg Cups: This is a great breakfast to make and take! It's got tons of protein and will fill you up. (via The Simple Delights)

baked egg cups
(Photo: The Simple Delights)

Broccoli Cheddar Biscuit Muffins: Can't get the kids to eat broccoli? Hide it in your next dinner roll! (via Cooking With My Kid)

broccoli cheddar biscuit muffins
(Photo: Cooking With My Kid)

Goat Cheese and Green Onion Mini Muffins: While these are still a muffin, they are quite out of the ordinary. These make for a great side dish! (via Clockwork Lemon)

goat cheese and green onion mini muffin
(Photo: Clockwork Lemon)

Spicy Orange Chicken Charmers: Want Chinese but don't want to bust your wallet on take out for the whole family? Try these Orange Chicken Charmers! (via Pillsbury)

oragne chicken charmers
(Photo: Pillsbury)

Pop Up Pancakes: Love pancakes? Try this fun recipe! Need more pancake ideas? We have 50 other great skinny pancakes you can try out! (via Make and Takes)

Pop Up Pancakes
(Photo: Make and Takes)

Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes: Whether it's a snack, an appetizer or a side dish, this is a great recipe to try out! (via Table Spoon)

buffalo chicken cupcakes
(Photo: Table Spoon)

Mini Corn Dog Muffins: This is a great snack to make when you host that weekend sleep over. You'll be the cool mom and the kids won't rummage the kitchen after bedtime! (via Iowa Girl Eats)

mini corn dog muffins
(Photo: Iowa Girl Eats)

Individual Scalloped Potatoes: Make a perfectly portioned side dish with this great potato recipe! (via The Noshery)

individual scalloped potatoes
(Photo: The Noshery)

Muffin Tin Calzone: This is a great take on an Italian classic! Give this mini muffin meal a try! (via Week of Menus)

muffin tin calzone
(Photo: Week of Menus)

Tuscan Mac and Cheese Cups: Forget the boxed macaroni and whip up this recipe! A hearty and classic meal in a new and delicious way! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

tuscan mac and cheese cups
(Photo: Better Homes and Gardens)

Breakfast Ham and Egg Cup: This is another yummy breakfast recipe that you can serve up on a normal day, or when you've got guests! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

breakfast ham egg cup
(Photo: Better Homes and Gardens)

Mini Pies: Need a dessert but don't want to over-indulge? It's easy when the portions are small! You can even try making our Skinny Pumpkin Pie recipe! (via Table Spoon)

mini pie
(Photo: Table Spoon)

Cheeseburger Cups: Make burger night a little different this week! Turn off the grill and get out a muffin tin! (via Cheese-Burger)

cheeseburger cups
(Photo: Cheese-Burger)

Cannoli Bites: These look so good, how can you not try them? This bite-sized dessert is perfect for portion controls. (via Cooking Classy)

cannoli bites
(Photo: Cooking Classy)

Breakfast Meal in a Muffin Pan: This recipe doesn't just make a muffin, and it doesn't just make an egg. It makes both separately for a complete meal! (via Better Recipes)

meal in a muffin pan
(Photo: Better Recipes)

Mexican Mini Pies: This is a great Mexican recipe that is very easy to make! Your whole family will love these! (via Betty Crocker)

mexican mini pie
(Photo: Betty Crocker)

Black Bean and Corn Wontons: This is a yummy and unique recipe that make for a great appetizer! (via Betty Crocker)

black bean and corn wontons
(Photo: Betty Crocker)

Egg Topped Hash Brown Nests: Make this for breakfast, snacks or brinner! (via Betty Crocker)

hash brown nest
(Photo: Betty Crocker)

Mediterranean Cupcakes: This is a yummy recipe you and the kids haven't tried yet, but definitely should! (via Betty Crocker)

mediterranean cupcakes
(Photo: Betty Crocker)

Mini Greek Burger Pies: Another great way to switch up burger night: go Greek! (via Betty Crocker)

mini greek burger pie
(Photo: Betty Crocker)

Sesame Chicken Wonton Cups: This is a great way to serve up an Asian flair! It's yummy and not too difficult! (via Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

sesame chicken wonton cups
(Photo: Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

Muffin Tin Lasagne: This is a great pasta recipe in small little portions! It's great for a side dish, meal or appetizer! (via All Women Stalk)

muffin tin lasagne
(Photo: All Women Stalk)

There you have it! Fifty great ideas you can use to spice up your old favorite recipes. What are some of your favorite muffin tin recipes? Let us know in the comments below.