5 Critical Roles Water Plays in Your Body

We all know that water is important. It keeps you healthy, and without it, you will die. However, most people don’t really understand what water does to our bodies and how it keeps us going. There are several biological functions you should be aware of. Even slight dehydration can cause significant problems in your body.


Water helps regulate the body’s environment. The human body is made up of about 60% water. One of the important roles that water plays is that it helps regulate everything in our bodies. In fact, it helps with the regulation of body temperature.

Without enough water, the human body will not be able to stay at a regulated temperature, either causing a fever or throwing the body into a too-low temperature. Usually, with a lack of proper hydration, the body gets too hot, unable to perspire and release the heat.

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Water helps kidneys eliminate waste. Nearly everything that you put in your body has some type of toxin in it. Luckily, the majority of these will not make you sick if you are properly hydrated. This is because the water you drink helps the kidneys function properly.

As the food, drink and even medicine that you put into your body filters through the kidneys, these organs pull and filter toxins. If your body is functioning on too little water, the kidneys can't pull out toxins properly, which will eventually make you sick. If you're not a fan on the bland taste of water, try some of our flavored water recipes instead!

Water helps keep joints lubricated. There are many joints in your body. If those joints aren’t properly lubricated, they’re going to ache and rub, and eventually the joints will get worn down to where they simply won’t function properly. The water in your body will help keep the joints lubricated and working properly.

If you suffer from joint pain, make sure that you’re drinking enough clean water regularly. Using a filtration system is a good way to make sure no extra salt or bacteria is added to your home tap water.

For those who don’t currently have joint problems, ensuring you don’t get dehydrated will help stave off pain. Once you start getting joint pain due to dehydration, the damage is done and can be difficult to remedy.


Water helps with oxygenation. If you have trouble breathing, make sure you’re getting enough water. This is because water helps the body oxygenate more efficiently. As oxygen goes through the body, it is water that helps carry it. When you become dehydrated, the oxygen your body needs to survive isn’t going to get around properly. This can lead to several problems. Lack of oxygen to the lungs will make it feel like it is difficult to get a proper breath.

However, this is not the only problem you will face. If your muscles aren’t getting the oxygen they need, they will ache and not function properly. Deoxygenated muscles can die or atrophy, causing you to be unable to use those muscles. This is one of the many reasons that it is crucial to drink enough water when you are exercising. Without it, the muscles won’t get the oxygen they need to repair after the exercise.

Water helps with digestion. One of the biggest parts of your saliva is water. Without saliva, your body is unable to break down food, making it difficult to eat and digest. Have you ever had a dry mouth that made chewing and swallowing food difficult?

This is because of dehydration. Your body doesn’t have enough water to create the saliva. Saliva helps break down the food enough to ensure that your stomach is able to continue the digestion process. In addition to this, water helps with the digestion process in other ways, such as ensuring that waste is processed through the body correctly.


There are a lot of benefits to drinking enough water. Staying properly hydrated will keep your body functioning at its best. With so many negatives to being dehydrated, it’s surprising that approximately 75% of Americans are actually suffering from mild dehydration regularly. Drinking water helps keep you healthy and can even keep many types of sickness at bay.

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