25 Healthy Salsa Recipes You Need To Try

We will sing salsa's praises until the end of time. It's a tasty snack perfect for after school, a [...]

We will sing salsa's praises until the end of time. It's a tasty snack perfect for after school, a girls' night in, or late-night munchies. Unfortunately many jarred salsa are filled with unnecessary sodium, preservatives and calories. Making your own salsa is much simpler than it sounds and far healthier.

1. 5-Minute Garden Fresh Salsa: Again, who said making salsa was hard? This recipe can be made in just a few minutes. It tastes amazing and fresh, and has only 11 calories! Watch the video below and get the recipe here.

2. Pineapple Salsa: While you definitely can eat this lightened-up salsa as a snack, it's also adds natural sweetness to and perfectly pairs with several dishes! Try it with our Slow Cooker Cuban Pork to switch up your usual dinner routine. See the salsa recipe here.

Pineapple Salsa

3. Mango Rhubarb Salsa: This salsa tastes as good as it looks, trust us. The basil, cucumber and rhubarb give it that fresh-from-the-garden taste and the mango adds the right amount of sweetness. Serve with chips, seafood, salads, tacos or make it a topper on your chicken or pork. To get this skinny salsa recipe, click here.

Mango Rhubarb Salsa

4. Copycat Chipotle Corn Salsa: This copycat salsa is a great way to capture the flavor you love without the calories. It's light, tasty and a great addition to your DIY burrito bowl night. Click here to see all of the ingredients.

Copycat Chipotle Corn Salsa

5. Black Bean and Corn Salsa: This is another great corn salsa recipe that uses black beans to make the perfect addition to any Mexican-inspired dinner. It can be made in minutes and is really simple! To see how it's done, click here.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

6. Mango Salsa: This is your basic mango salsa recipe. It's sweet, light and the perfect skinny snack for a warm afternoon or topping for a juicy piece of protein. You can see it in the video below or check it out here.

7. Cilantro and Lime Salsa: If you're looking for flavor, then this is it. This salsa has a great refreshing taste that doesn't kill it in calories! (via The Healthy Family and Home)

cilantro lime salsa
(Photo: The Healthy Family and Home)

8. Blueberry Lime Salsa: You may not think to put blueberries and strawberries into a salsa, but once you try it, you may not want to switch back! This sweet salsa could act as a dessert, sweet-tooth satisfying snack or the topping for chicken. (via How Sweet Eats)

blueberry lime salsa
(Photo: How Sweet Eats)

9. Avocado Salsa: If you were to combine salsa and guacamole, this is what you'd get. It's got the yummy guac flavor but the texture of a chunky salsa. (via Cooking Classy)

Avocado Salsa
(Photo: Cooking Classy)

10. Spicy Pear Salsa: With sweet chunks of pear and a firey flair from the chilies, this salsa has a unique taste to it that your palate needs! Enjoy these yummy flavor combos for an evening snack. (via Kitchen Konfidence)

spicy pear salsa
(Photo: Kitchen Konfidence)

11. Roasted Sweet Potato Salsa: This salsa has all the elements you want with the additional sweet and savory taste and texture of a roasted sweet potato. This is a recipe you'll be proud to serve up to the girls when it's your turn to host book club. (via Stacey Homemaker)

roasted sweet potato salsa
(Photo: Stacey Homemaker)

12. Pumpkin Salsa: Pumpkin salsa is far from traditional, but it's so tasty that you won't ever second guess it again. It's a great fall treat when you can't seem to get enough things pumpkin! (via Little Figgy)

Pumpkin Salsa
(Photo: Little Figgy)

13. Skinny Pico De Gallo Salsa: This form of salsa is a classic topping for many burritos, tacos and other Mexican meals. Having your own recipe on hand is a great way to dress up dinner in a healthy way. (via Skinnytaste)

pico de gallo skinny
(Photo: Skinnytaste)

14. Bloody Mary Guajillo Salsa: This dip tastes like your favorite breakfast beverage, so how could you not love it? It will give a much needed kick to the salsa you've been craving. (via Fox Magazine) And while you're add it, check out our delicious Skinny Bloody Mary recipe.

bloody mary guajilla salsa
(Photo: Fox Magazine)

15. Cilantro Peach Salsa: Raw onion, peaches and jalapeños don't sound like a triple threat, but trust us, they are. This salsa makes an astounding flavor you'll love snacking on! (via I Am Baker)

cilantro peach salsa
(Photo: I Am Baker)

16. Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde: Get the restaurant taste you love without the unhealthy sides. The roasted tomatillos give this salsa an authentic flavor that you'll love. (via The Kitchen Whisperer)

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde
(Photo: The Kitchen Whisperer)

17. Avocado Crema Salsa: This salsa has a smooth and creamy texture, but it's still a salsa! If you love guacamole, then you're going to want to try out this skinny salsa recipe. (via Delish)

avocado crema salsa
(Photo: Delish)

18. Spicy Strawberry Mango Salsa: This healthy salsa combines sweet and spicy into a finely textured bowl of yum! We think this is a great recipe for dishing up to your warm-weather guests. (via Damn Delicious)

spicy strawberry mango salsa
(Photo: Damn Delicious)

19. Zucchini Salsa: This salsa is much like a traditional salsa recipe, but the added zucchini increases its texture and ups its nutrition value! If you want to sneak some veggies into your family, this is a great way to do it. (via Feral Kitchen)

Zucchini Salsa
(Photo: Feral Kitchen)

20. Apple and Avocado Salsa with Honey-Lime Dressing: This light recipe takes salsa to another level. It's got healthy ingredients that combine for a refreshing flavor that dishes out both sweet and spicy in a new way. (via Diethood)

Avocado Apple Salsa from diethood
(Photo: Diethood)

21. Double Berry Salsa: This berry salsa combines, sweet, citrus and spicy into a blend of flavors you'll die for. It's a skinny salsa recipe that holds nothing back! (via Taste Love and Nourish)

double berry salsa
(Photo: Taste Love and Nourish)

22. Grilled Pineapple Salsa: We've already shared with you our skinny Pineapple Salsa, but this recipe offers a unique twist by grilling the pineapple beforehand for a complete taste and texture makeover! (via Carlsbad Cravings)

grilled pineapple salsa
(Photo: Carlsbad Cravings)

23. Watermelon Salsa: You might not have thought to put watermelon into a food like this, but this somewhat sweet salsa is a refreshing way to change up your snacking! (via Delish)

watermelon salsa
(Photo: Delish)

24. Blender Kale Salsa: Making salsa is extra simple with a blender recipe. The use of kale in this salsa makes it extra healthy because kale is a superfood. If you can get your kids to eat a green salsa, then you're doing the whole family good! (via Ceara's Kitchen)

blender kale salsa
(Photo: Ceara's Ktichen)

25. 5-Ingredient Strawberry Salsa: This is a simple and light salsa recipe that you've just got to try. It has the ingredients of a basic salsa, but Gimme Some Oven swapped tomato with strawberry to give it a sweet and delicious taste. (via Gimme Some Oven)

5-Ingredient Strawberry Salsa
(Photo: Gimme Some Oven)