17 Yummy, Nutrient-Packed Smoothies

Smoothies are all the rage, and with good reason. They're fun to create, easy to make, delicious to eat and totally portable. In fact, there are so many smoothie options, you could have a different one every day of the year. Of course, keeping a list of so many recipes might be tough, so we did some of the leg work for you by offering these 17 delicious and nutritious smoothies that you can enjoy any time of day.

1. Green Monster Smoothie: Don’t let the name (or the color) fool you. This smoothie has everything including bananas, vanilla protein powder, chia seeds and spinach. Not one nutrient is missing from this delicious smoothie. Click here to get this smoothie recipe.

2. Skinny Chocolate Protein Milkshake: For the best tasting chocolate protein milkshake, this should be your go-to recipe. At only 119 calories, this protein shake will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your protein craving following a tough workout. Click here to see the recipe.

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3. Strawberry Pineapple Protein Smoothie: Two of your favorite fruits are blended together to give you a sweet and nutrient-packed smoothie. Some vanilla protein powder, orange juice and banana really make this one a must-have. See how it's made here.

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4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Protein Shake: Peanut butter lovers be warned — one taste of this smoothie and your life will be forever changed. Throw your favorite peanut butter into the blender along with protein powder and some almond milk and your taste buds will be overwhelmed with joy. Click here to check it out.

PBJ-Protein-Shake RESIZED-3

5. Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie: Calling all chocolate lovers! This protein-packed smoothie is the perfect (and healthy!) sweet treat. A great way to start your day or give yourself a midday treat. Click here to check it out!

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6. Fat-Burning Cran-Peach Smoothie: Who’s ready for a tasty, fat-burning smoothie? This recipe combines cranberry juice, Greek yogurt, peaches and cucumbers for a 116-calorie smoothie. Cucumbers are diuretics, which means they will help remove excess body fluids and fat calls by breaking down the fat cells so they can be eliminated from the body. Check out the recipe here.

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7. Raspberry Mocha Protein Smoothie: The inclusion of coffee in this one will definitely lift your spirits and your energy, but don’t forget about the chocolate protein powder, unsweetened cocoa powder, the sugar-free raspberry syrup and the skim milk that turn this morning pick-me-up into a nutrient-dense drink. Click here to see the recipe.

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8. Jiggle-Reducing Smoothie: Why is this smoothie called a powerhouse? Because it’s loaded with antioxidants and the number one super food of them all — kale. Almond milk yogurt gives it an extra boost of protein while the agave gives it a little extra sweetness. Click here to check out this recipe.

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9. Keep You Full Smoothie: If you know you’re going to have a hectic week, make this smoothie in advance for snacks and lunches. Strawberries, banana and blueberries come together for a low-fat, fiber-filled, nutritious smoothie. The chia seeds do an awesome job thickening this smoothie to keep you full until your next meal, and the honey adds just the right amount of sweetness you’re craving. Check it out here.

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10. Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie: This smoothie has all your favorite spices including cinnamon and pumpkin pie. Blend it with some banana and pumpkin and you won’t want to wait until fall to enjoy this seasonal smoothie. Click here to see the ingredient list.

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11. Tropical Protein Smoothie: What’s so great about this smoothie aside from its tropical taste? How about the fact that it only has four ingredients? And with more than 20 grams of protein, this is a perfect pre- or post-workout treat. To see how it's made, click here.


12. Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie: Super charge your morning with this fresh and delicious Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie at only 236 calories. See the smoothie here.

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13. Mocha Java Protein Smoothie: If you’re a coffee lover, this smoothie is definitely for you. Just mix your favorite blend of coffee along with chocolate protein powder and ice and you're set. You get both a caffeine and protein pick-me-up to start your day. Get the recipe here.

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14. Apple Pie A La Mode Protein Shake: Call it dessert in a glass because this one is so good you'll find it difficult to believe it’s good for you. Apple, cinnamon, vanilla protein powder and non-fat Greek yogurt create one of the most delectable and enjoyable smoothies you will ever drink. Click here for the nutrition info.


15. Brownie Batter Protein Smoothie: For a punch of protein that tastes like dessert, try this Brownie Batter Protein Smoothie. For only 98 calories and 8 grams of sugar, you can start your day or finish your workout with a bang! Click here for the recipe.

16. Blackberry Banana Bliss Smoothie: Aside from the purplish color that you get with this smoothie, you also get a solid serving of fruit. Chia seeds give it some thickness and the almond milk keeps the calories on the low side. Get the recipe here.

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17. PB&J Protein Shake: Your favorite sandwich just became a healthy smoothie. Strawberries, peanut butter, skim milk and vanilla protein powder are combined to give you all your necessary nutrients, but without the high carb and calorie count you would get from your usual PB&J sandwich. Click here for the full nutrition info here.

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Smoothies are a great way to pack in a wide variety of nutritious and delicious ingredients. For anyone who detests eating veggies or is looking for something different than just eating fruit by itself, smoothies are a great and easy alternative. Just pour in your ingredients, blend and drink. You can always make changes to the quantities and/or the ingredients to find the taste and texture that is right for you. And don’t forget—they make a great healthy snack for your kids too!