10-Year-Old Shot and Killed Himself While in a Timeout

A young boy fatally shot himself with his family's gun after being sent to a time-out, Scary Mommy reports.

Olga Grusetskaja punished her 10-year-old son, Ian, for "behavioral issues" before going to school. When he was in the room for his time-out, he found the gun and ended his own life.

Officials are unclear how everything transpired, but the boy's death is being investigated as a suicide. It took only one bullet to kill Ian and when his father and brother returned home they were "overcome with grief."

The incident marks yet another tragic ending to a child's life because of firearms. The Associated Press reported that about one child every other day has died as a result of accidental shooting, either by themselves or someone else.

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This article originally appeared on Womanista.com