10 Moves to Know Before Your First TRX Class [VIDEO]

If you're curious about TRX, but not sure what to expect, let fitness instructor Jean Sherfick walk you through the top 10 exercises you'll see in a class. TRX, or total body resistance exercise, will help you work on strength, cardio via plyometrics and stretching. You can modify or advance moves by simply changing your body angle. Once you watch it through, go ahead and find a class near you and try it for real! You can always purchase a strap for home use, like WOSS 3000 Equalizer on Amazon.


Moves You'll See

  • Squat, One Legged Squat, Jump Squat
  • Inverted Row
  • Chest Press, Chest Fly
  • Plank Tuck, Mountain Climbers
  • Triceps Extension, Bicep Curl
  • Hamstring Curls