10 Foods with More Vitamin C Than Oranges

Vitamin C is known for helping your body fight colds. It can't completely prevent a cold but it can help lessen the severity of your symptoms and get you better, faster. What you may not know is that vitamin C is also important when it comes to the growth and repair of tissue all throughout your body. It's an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. Stock up on your vitamin C when you want a cut to heal faster or get rid of scar tissue. It also helps to repair and maintain cartilage, bones and teeth. The majority of women need 75 milligrams of vitamin C while men need 90 milligrams. (via National Institutes of Health)

Your main source for vitamin C is usually oranges. We're always told that oranges are packed full of vitamin C, so you should eat whole oranges and drink lots of orange juice. We have all been brainwashed to believe that oranges are the thing to eat when you need vitamin C! The truth is that oranges only have 69.7 milligrams of vitamin C when other fruits have twice that amount. If you're in need of some vitamin C, here are 10 foods that you should try before resorting to an orange.

Chili peppers:

Just a half cup of these spicy red peppers will get you 107.8 milligrams of vitamin C! It's also known to help relieve joint and muscle pain.

Green bell peppers:

A close cousin of chili peppers, they can provide you with even more vitamin C, 109 milligrams to be exact! They can also help with your eye health and give you a boost of vitamin A.


A cup of this leafy green can provide you with 80.4 milligrams of vitamin C. This little vegetable is a vitamin machine! It has twice the recommended intake of vitamin A and seven times the recommended intake of vitamin K. You can make a nice little salad and throw in some peppers for a big dose of all your vitamins.


Who knew that strawberries could be a better source of vitamin C than oranges? One serving of strawberries has 84.7 milligrams of vitamin C and has compounds to help keep your heart healthy.

Brussels sprouts:

This always-hated vegetable is, of course, good for you. It has 74.8 milligrams of vitamin C and contains cancer-preventing phytonutrients. You can always roast them for a less bitter taste.


This yummy, tropical fruit yields 88.3 milligrams of vitamin C in just one cup. It has the added benefit of cleaning up your sinuses, brightening your skin and strengthening your bones!

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A couple chunks of pineapple can get you 78.9 milligrams of vitamin C. It also gets you plenty of bromelain, a digestive enzyme helps you to break down food and reduce bloating. It also works as a natural anti-inflammatory to help your body recover faster after a tough workout!


Two of these tiny fruits can get you a whopping 137.2 milligrams of vitamin C! These tiny things are also packed full of potassium and copper.


Another yummy fruit filled with 122.3 milligrams of vitamin C. It's the perfect nutrient-filled snack that also has a good amount of vitamin A in it.



A small head of this vegetable will get you 127.7 milligrams of vitamin C. It also has 5 grams of both fiber and protein!

Source: Health