20-Minute Leg & Booty Burner [VIDEO]


Got 20 minutes? Join fitness instructor Amanda Strong for a tough leg and booty burner workout. You'll dive into squats, squeezes, lifts and kicks pairing the exercises with isometric pulses to really fan the flame! You'll need a pair of sliders (use paper plates on carpet or a wash rag on hardwood), a squishy ball or pillow and ankle or light hand weight. Amanda will help you push through the entire workout, then take you into a cool down. If you're ready to transform your booty and tone those legs, your 20 minutes begin now.

Moves You'll See

  • PliĆ© Squats
  • Gliding Skaters
  • Squishy Ball Squats
  • Inner Thigh Ball Squeezes
  • Weighted Donkey Kicks
  • Weighted Fire Hydrants
  • Glute Bridge March
  • Bridge
  • Seated Leg Lift Combo
  • Starfish Abs
  • Forearm Plank