What Your Sexy Dreams Mean

You might think that sexy, arousing "wet dreams" only happen to men, but you’d be wrong. While sex dreams aren’t terribly common, occurring in only 8% of 3,500 people surveyed for a study done by University of Montreal, they still happen; the most common kind of sexual activity occurring in these dreams is sex, some of which can result in real-life orgasms.

While it might seem unbelievable that sexy dreams could lead to an actual orgasm, our bodies experience arousal the same way whether we are asleep or awake, so if you’re aroused enough, you’ll come, even if you’re sleeping.

If you find yourself among the small number of people who experience sex dreams, you might not only be experiencing orgasms, but those orgasms might be due to steamy dreams starring people other than your current partner. But don’t worry — dreamy about having sex with someone is rarely an indicator that you have feelings for that person. There are reasons for just about every sexy dream out there, so read on to hear a few.

Sex with an Ex

If you find yourself having erotic dreams about a long-gone ex-boyfriend, congratulations! You’re experiencing the most common sex dream. This dream does not, however, mean you’re secretly eager to get back with your ex, so don’t worry. Dreams of sex with an ex are usually related to what that relationship represents for you, and point to either a dearth or surplus of those things in your current life. If your ex was particularly mean or aggressive, you might be feeling that same anger and aggression in another relationship or aspect of your life.

Sex with No Name

Sex with a faceless stranger is another common sex dream. It’s not about your desire for anonymous sex; no, these dreams are all about you trying to get more in touch with yourself and getting to know another part of you. Think of these dreams as an exploration of your deepest inner layers, and the faceless person as an as-yet unexplored part of you.

Celebrity Sex

If, however, your sex dreams tend to follow a pattern of you engaging in romantic encounters with the likes of Idris Elba, George Clooney or Ryan Gosling, it could just be that you think that person is a complete hottie and you’d like to have sex with them in real life. It could also mean that you are looking to gain more of a spotlight in some aspect of your own life and be your own celebrity. Examine places where you feel you aren’t heard; relationships, work, even family life are all places where you might be feeling a lack of attention.

Freud famously said that dreams are a window to the unconscious, and sex dreams especially so. The next time you wake up feeling all hot and bothered from your dream life, think about what that dream might mean. You might just find something about yourself you didn’t know.