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Rascal Flatts Support Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital With Celebrity Golf Classic (Exclusive)

Julianne Hough’s Pre-Wedding Diet Is Absolute Perfection

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One peek at Julianne Hough’s Instagram lets you know that she is not one to skip a workout — so we expected her pre-wedding routine to be pretty standard.

But the star threw a bit of a curveball in her recent interview with Us Weekly when she revealed how she’s preparing for her big day with Brooks Laich— "I'll probably want to enjoy the night before, have, like, beer and a burger, stuff like that."

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Beer and burgers? Not exactly the pre-nuptial diet we’re conditioned to expect. Considering that the triple-threat celeb works out twice a day, we know this won’t affect her figure on the big day — not to mention that Hough is pretty good at keeping things on track. “I have cheat days, but if I have a cheat day, the next day I’m really good,” she mentioned.

Turns out that Hough is used to loading up on carbs and protein as part of her exercise regimen, so maybe a burger isn’t too far off base. In fact, while carbs often get a bad rep, Hough adamantly defended them: "It's all about moderation, but I realized that carbs are often talked about in a negative context, like, 'Carbs make me fat or bloated...But I think for me, I have to have some sort of carb, whether it's rice or pasta or bread or whatever it is, and not big amounts, but I do need carbs because it makes my brain click on." (In another recent interview, she confessed that she craves them at every meal.)

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So… does that mean an all-pasta-and-bread diet until wedding day? Not exactly. On her lifestyle site’s Instagram, Hough continues to share well-balanced meals including vegan taco salad, smoothie bowls, and salads topped with shrimp. But between workouts and preparing healthy meals, we love that Hough took a moment to shrug off the expectations of the intense wedding diets often undertaken by celebs.


As she recently told PEOPLE, "If I get super hot for my wedding day and I'm not afterwards, and I'm not before, then it's like, 'Who is this person marrying my fiancé?' Or, 'Who's my fiancé marrying?'...I don't want to look different than what I look like normally." Her honesty and her attitude of self-love are so refreshing — and a good reminder for all brides-to-be that the best person they can be on their wedding day is themselves.

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