Woman Shamed for Tubing While Pregnant

(Photo: Instagram / Sydney Leroux)

Beautiful day on the lake! ☀️😘

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A photo of a pregnant woman tubing is causing controversy on social media.

Olympic gold medalist Sydney Leroux posted a photo on Instagram of her tubing on the lake with her husband. People saw this and started questioning her actions and leaving negative comments including “You gonna kill that baby.”

The soccer player posted another photo reminding people that it is her body that they are criticizing and she can do whatever she wants with it, writing, "MY body is the body that is creating life. MY body is the one that has stretch marks and cellulite and varicose veins and sore hips and back pain that runs down my legs. MY body is the body that is tired and sore and emotional and the happiest it's ever been."

"If I want to jump in a pool, go on a tube and slowly ride around with my husband, dance like an idiot or work out I am absolutely going to," she added.


But the bigger issue is where should the line be drawn when it comes to shaming pregnant women and respecting their decision to do what they want with their body. Was she putting her unborn baby at risk?

What are your thoughts on this matter?