6 Things Successful People Do Every Sunday

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When the weekend draws to a close and a new week looms over the remainder of our fun-filled escape, you might be more than familiar with what we call the "Sunday scaries." Even when we're having an amazing two days full of shopping, brunching and boozing, our minds slowly start creeping towards the stress of a Monday and the never-ending to-do list that follow in the days to come.

But surprisingly, Sunday can truly be the best day of the week if you do it right — just think productivity, decompressing, cleaning, meal planning, exercising and all things that arm you for the crazy week ahead and ensure you feel prepared to conquer anything. You can absolutely make Sundays your ally instead of your foe with a change in mindset and a few simple tactics.

Carve out quality time
Everyone knows what it feels like to suffer from the "Sunday night blues," so be proactive about battling that sadness before it even begins. Take advantage of Sundays to spend time with your family and friends doing relaxing, low-key activities that will recharge you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Since the weekdays are typically busy, stressful and always seem to get booked up quickly, use Sundays to catch up with an old friend over a cup of coffee, to take your kids to have ice cream with the grandparents or to simply have a quiet dinner with your spouse.

Plan your meals
Successful people are typically busy people too, meaning sometimes nutrition and meals take a backseat to the everyday stressors of the daily grind. But we all know the best way to power through the work week is by filling our bodies with nutrient-rich, whole foods, so combat the urge to get take-out for every meal by prepping and planning ahead of time. Use Sunday afternoons to grill lean proteins, chop and slice versatile veggies, stock up on leafy greens and fresh fruits and make sure you have ingredients for healthy dinners on hand for easy, convenient cooking.

Break a sweat
The key here is to get a burst of endorphins by doing something you actually love, not torturing yourself. Take your pup on a brisk walk, go on a bike ride with your kids, take a scenic hike with your friends — you'll feel instantly happier, healthier and more calm, ready to take on the week ahead.

Think through your week
While it might seem like a total buzzkill on the "Day Of Rest," taking a block of time to think through work deadlines, meetings, appointments or any other scheduling issues you or your family might have for the week will save you a lot of stress on the front end. Strategizing and planning ahead is the quickest way to feel like your life is in order.

Tidy up
The worst thing you can do is the start week with a dirty house — things inevitably end up feeling more hectic and messy when your surrounding environment is chaotic. Fold and put away the laundry, wipe down the counters, hang up your clothes for the week, wash your sheets and don't leave any dirty dishes in the sink. Beginning the week with a clean, organized space will make you feel less scattered no matter what the week throws at you.


End with something you love
It doesn't have to be anything extravagant to cap off the weekend — simply do something that makes you happy. Watch your favorite show, read a book while taking a bubble bath, indulge in your favorite ice cream, give yourself an at-home facial or just savor a glass of good red wine to end the weekend on a high note and infuse a little extra happiness into your evening.