What's the Buzz With CBD and Should You be Taking It?

With the increasing interest in medical marijuana has come a new discovery that is causing quite a stir: CBD oil. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the two main molecules in marijuana; unlike THC, the other main molecule in marijuana, it does not cause the mind-altering side effects commonly associated with marijuana usage.

CBD is therefore a more palatable drug for many patients and governing bodies because it can help patients suffering from epilepsy, anxiety, schizophrenia and heart disease without causing the psychoactive effects that make many patients and lawmakers alike nervous.

CBD has been found to significantly decrease the amount of seizures in patients suffering from epilepsy, and in 2012 German researchers found that schizophrenic patients given CBD oil experienced a reduction in their psychotic symptoms. CBD has also been shown to provide pain relief and might even be able to block cancer cells from growing.

CBD is currently legal in 17 states, but be weary if you're thinking of purchasing it online. As with so many wellness fads, many companies have hopped on the bandwagon and begun marketing CBD products like ingestible oil, CBD-infused chocolate and peanut butter, and even gummies with CBD in them.

While the variety and availability of such products is exciting, doctors like Dr. Angel Hernandez, of Cook Children's Medical Center, advise proceeding with caution because CBD products have not been regulated and there are currently no standards governing their production.

This means that consumers have to trust that companies are including the amount of CBD stated on the product's package, which is regulated by states that have legalized CBD, and testing to rid out potential contaminants that hemp plants have ingested from soil.

So, should you try it? While some testimonials of CBD oil usage are positive, more research on the molecule's effects on things like anxiety, pain, cancer and epilepsy needs to be done before concrete conclusions can be drawn. Therefore, be smart about your decision. Do your research on different brands and kinds of CBD products (many people start out with CBD oil), weigh the financial considerations and talk to your doctor before you start dosing.


Article by: Emily Keyes. Follow her here.

Photo credit: Not Pot