Weight Loss Mistakes Every Woman Makes

Weight loss boils down to one thing - input & output. But if you've tried to cut the calories, you know how hard it can be. Most women are making the same mistakes without even realizing it! When you're trying to lose weight, watch out for these slip ups from Health.

gaining weight

OD'ing on protein: "Protein is important, but if you have too much, the excess gets stored as fat," says Felicia Stoler, RD. "And high-protein shakes and bars tend to be sugary and fatty." Women need about 46 grams a day, per the CDC.

Skimping on the veggies: Many of us fall short of the recommended 2.5 cups daily, Stoler says. A no-brainer: Work some into every meal, whether it's sliced tomato on your morning toast or spinach on your turkey sandwich.

Having a big glass of juice at breakfast: "Most juice raises blood sugar, so your body produces more insulin. You'll get hungry and overeat later," says Louis Aronne, MD. Get in protein and fiber, such as eggs and whole-grain toast.

Overestimating Weight loss rate: Most people shed a lot of pounds in the first couple of weeks of a program, a combo of carbs and water. It's an artificially high drop, so don't get discouraged when progress peters out.


Slacking on shut eye: "Appetite and hunger hormones are greatly influenced by how much sleep you get," says Pamela Peeke, MD. "Skimp and you're more likely to eat everything that's not tacked down."

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