Tummy Tightener After C-Section [VIDEO]

Ready to strengthen those tummy muscles again? If you've had a Caesarean, or even a vaginal birth, these core exercises can get you back on track. Fitness instructor Ashley Winebrenner takes you through a series of core exercises for 30 seconds each — you can do all of these at home once you’re about three to four months postpartum. You need to give your body time to fall back into place and try very easy back-lying exercises, walking with the stroller, going up steps and picking up things heavier than your baby.

Watch this video once-through first. Even if your C-section baby is now walking and talking, you can still benefit from these exercises. Check with your doctor for the green light before you begin, and stop any exercise that doesn’t feel right to you. Now, let’s go ahead and give this a shot. All you need is a comfy mat and a sturdy step!


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