This Summer's Top Picnic Picks!

It's summer time and that means your family will want to spend as much time outside as possible!  Before you head out, you'll need to pack a lunch, and we know that you want to make it as healthy as possible.  A few of our recommendations would be the Simple Egg Salad or Turkey Wrap with Apples and Brie and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies; however, there are plenty more to choose from in our recipe index. To make sure that your picnic runs smoothly, we've also done a roundup of our favorite picnic products. So gather up the family, gather up the food and get going to your picnic destination today!

Plastic-Free BBQ Picnic Pack: Picnics and barbecues often mean paper plates and disposable silverware, but that isn't the best for our environment.  Next time you're packing for a picnic, include one of these and Mother Nature will thank you!

plastic free bbq picnic pack
(Photo: Abes Market)

Hummus and Crackers Ready-To-Eat-Meal: Whether it's your lunch break or a sunny weekend, now you can have a picnic anytime with this yummy ready-to-go meal!

hummus and cracker ready to go meal
(Photo: Abes Market)

Snappy Trails Picnic Blanket: Picnics just got even easier with this light weight and portable blanket!  It even has a water resistant lining so not even the morning dew can stop you!

snappy trails picnic blanket
(Photo: ModCloth)

Perpetual Picnic Plate Set: With these fun picnic themed reusable plates, every meal can be a picnic! Even if you can't go outside, you can still throw a blanket down in the living room for a fun lunch with the kids!

perpetual picnic plate set
(Photo: ModCloth)

Cookout Crusader Portable Grill: Nothing says summer more than the smell of grilling meat!  Now you can have that for any outing with this compact and portable grill.

cookout crusader portable grill
(Photo: ModCloth)

Ladybirds of a Feather Earrings: You can be the life of the party at the next barbecue with these fun, festive earrings!

ladybirds of a feather earrings
(Photo: ModCloth)

Sip, Sip, Hooray! Straws: Add some fun to your picnic with these colorful straws!  They are sure to make even water feel like a good time!

sip sip hooray straws
(Photo: ModCloth)

Ants Go Marching One by One-Piece in Red: Next time you're packing up for a picnic at the beach or pool, include this cute one-piece bathing suit to pump up the party!

ants go marching one by one piece swimsuit in red
(Photo: ModCloth)

Picnic Backpack: This backpack is a secure single strap that is ideal for a long trek to the perfect picnic spot.  It includes a dining set for two and the the interior is insulated to keep you food (and wine) chilled!

picnic backpack
(Photo: Uncommon Goods)

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle:  Water can get a little boring, and when you put time into a nice picnic lunch, you want something tasty and healthy to go along with it.  Try out different fruits in this bottle until you find the one you like best!  If you need some suggestions, look into Skinny Mom's favorite detox waters!

flavor infuser water bottle
(Photo: Uncommon Goods)

Bamboo Wine Table: If you're looking to create the perfect romantic picnic, this is a must have!  A convenient table for your favorite thing: Wine!  It even has special holes in it to keep your glass from spilling.

bamboo wine table
(Photo: Uncommon Goods)

Wine Sack: Now that you've got that great wine table, you need a way to get your wine there!  This bag, conveniently disguised as a purse, is a great way to do it!

wine sack
(Photo: Uncommon Goods)

Pocket Utensil Set: If you like to hike or camp, this a great tool to bring along!  It's small and compact so you don't need to worry about another thing to lug around!

pocket utensil
(Photo: Uncommon Goods)

Outdoor Fondue Pot: While a pot full of melted cheese isn't exactly Skinny Mom approved, this would still be an awesome idea to have at your next barbecue to please all of your guests!

outdoor fondue pot
(Photo: Uncommon Goods)

 'Central Park' Outdoor & Cooler Bag:  This light-weight and portable blanket is great for any outside gathering, especially if you've got a baby!  The detachable insulated bag is perfect for keeping water bottles and snacks cold for on-the-go fun!

outdoor blanket and cooler bag
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Wicker Picnic Basket: This classic picnic basket is great for a weekend afternoon at the park!  It is easy to organize and has a detachable wine holder.

wicker picnic basket
(Photo: Nordstrom)

Red Metro Picnic Basket: This basket is lightweight and insulated so it is ideal for your picnic!  It also features an adjustable drawstring top to ensure you food stays covered!

red metro picnic basket
(Photo: Cooking)

10-Piece Cheese Board Set: If wine and cheese is on the menu, then you'll want to include this board in your basket! It includes stainless steel tools and a ceramic bowl as well as magnetic strips to hold your utensils while they aren't in use.

cheese board set
(Photo: Cooking)

Square Food Cover: Available in 3 different sizes, this food cover is a great way to keep your food pest-free when you take a break to toss the frisbee or play on the swing set!


square food cover
(Photo: Camping World)

So get your family together and head out for an outdoor adventure. With Mother Nature providing such beautiful sun-filled days and our perfect picnic options, there's no more excuses for hiding indoors!