Thigh Blasting Ballerina Workout [VIDEO]

Bring out your inner ballerina for this technical approach to a thigh-toning workout. These moves are designed to target the inner thighs with help but the butt, core and hip flexors. You'll need a barre (unlikely, right?), countertop or the back of a chair and a mat for the end of the workout. Fitness instructor Melissa explains how to perform these ballet basics that give ballerinas their beautiful stems. Listen for her cues and enjoy the burn!


Moves You'll See

  • Tendu
  • First Position Relevé
  • Dégagé
  • Piqué
  • Grand Battement
  • Plié Jumps
  • Knee Lifts
  • Crossover Kicks
  • V Openers
  • Side Leg Rainbow

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