These Women Who Lost Half Their Body Weight Are All the Inspiration You Need Today

Weight loss is a journey. It doesn't come overnight and can often be frustrating when it takes longer than one might hope. However, seeing weight loss stories from real, relatable women is one of the biggest motivators.

Meet Christina Jordan. She once weighed 271 pounds and was mortified when she couldn't fit in a seat on a Disneyland ride. She knew in that moment that something needed to change.

"I realized I can't live like this. I have to change my life," she told Inside Edition.

Today, Jordan weighs 137 pounds (for a grand total of 134 lost pounds) and eats five to six small meals a day, consisting of a lean protein and a healthy complex carb.

When Diana Anguh weighed 275 pounds at her senior prom, she too knew it was time to change.

"The first step I took was cutting all my portions in half and joining the gym," Anguh told Inside Edition. She now weighs 135 pounds, which means she lost 140.

To get the full scoop on Jordan and Anguh, watch the video above.



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Facebook Photo Credit: Inside Edition