The 'Super Orgasm' Exists for Women and It Makes Multiple Orgasms Look Like NBD

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While magazines have long had women dreaming of experiencing multiple orgasms, science has proved that there is a "super orgasm," which will change your sex goals in a big way.

A new documentary explores the phenomenon, which makes it possible for some women to have up to 100 orgasms. According to The Sun, scientists set out to discover whether it was possible for women to orgasm more than once. What they found is that not only is it possible, it's also not uncommon. Many women can orgasm between two and five times.

However, they also discovered that certain women can orgasm dozens of times.

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The Sun reports that "those with the ability of being 'super orgasmic' typically have greater blood flow to their genitals compared to 'single orgasmic' women."

There was also a mental difference in the women's experiences. Those who experienced the "super orgasm" had high levels of alpha waves when their brains were monitored during the experience, meaning they were relaxed for the whole experience.

It was possible to achieve with a mix of relaxation, yoga and bonding, which suggests that one of the keys to climaxing might be “turning off the brain, becoming less engaged and letting go.”


The good news is this is another great reason to take some times to relax and really enjoy yourself, and to be sure not to worry or feel ashamed if you can't have multiple orgasms or give them to your partner–it's biology!


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