The Skinny Spread: 5 Skinny, Scrumptious Spreads

We don’t know about you, but here at Skinny Mom, we are self-proclaimed “condiment kids.” What do we mean? We love sauces, spreads, and dips - anything to moisten my Ezekial bread or dip my baked pita chips. Let’s face it, how many times do you pass the veggie tray without dipping that naked celery stick into that pool of saucy goodness placed in the center of the party platter? Yeah, us either.

With that, it’s time to round up some of our favorite skinny spreads. Put away the mayonnaise, put down the dressing, and look to these healthy, but scrumptious alternatives to keep the condiment cravings at bay.

homemade buffalo wing hummus

1. Skinny Buffalo Wing Hummus: Whether you are craving fatty chicken wings or just want to spice up that lettuce wrap, this buffalo wing inspired hummus spread can be used as a way to pack in a flavorful punch without the calories that traditional dressings can have. Need a quick snack? This is worthy of celery and carrots going for a swim in! Yum.

healthy homemade guacamole

2. Jalapeño Avocado Spread: We have this creamy concoction paired with barbeque sliders but this would be a great dip with baked sweet potato chips or spread for a chicken wrap. Even dolloped on a salad for a spicy punch, the possibilities are endless. Packed with healthy fats and mouth-watering flavor, keep these four simple ingredients on hand to whip up when flavor enhancement is on the menu.

homemade nutella spread on piece of bread

3. Skinny Nutella Spread: Nutella is all the rage in lunchboxes and on breakfast toast everywhere. But have you flipped the jar over to read all of the processed ingredients and nutritional content? Definitely not skinny. Whether you prepare this spread for your kids or your own splurge you can pack the guilt away right along with those processed ingredients by following this healthier version. Dip your apples or dunk your toast for a delicious alternative to the commercial option.

healthy pimento cheese


4. Skinny Pimento Cheese: This childhood favorite of mine always seems to be a splurge…until now. This alternative to the high-fat traditional versions offers a flavorful option on a classic favorite. (photo credit)

healthy white bean dip

5. Skinny White Bean Spread: This spreadable skinny alternative not only offers a protein punch but also a flavorful addition to just about any veggie or bread dipper. With lemon juice, garlic, Italian spices, and more, this would be a great spread to keep on hand for refrigerator snack stops for the whole family. (photo credit)