The Skinny on How to Sneak Superfoods into Your Diet

It can be tricky to convince your kids to eat weird colored berries or hide the flavor of different seeds in your own everyday meals. If you're having this issue, Candice Kumai from Well and Good NYC has some tips! Candice shares how she sneaks superfoods into her everyday meals without her tastebuds even suspecting it!

(Photo: Candice Kumai
Photo Credit: Well and Good NYC)

Pea protein: Kumai loves pea protein for its "antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents." She likes adding a small scoop to pancake mix after a long weekend run.

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Acai berries: "They're packed with anthocyanins and flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that may help aid in the prevention of cancer and the boosting of skin health," she says. They pair perfectly with spinach, so make yourself a fruity summer salad on a hot day.


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