The Power of Probiotics: Ways Probiotics Make You Happier


Your body is an amazing machine that has millions of moving pieces that work together to keep you healthy and functioning properly. Sometimes you need help to fight bacteria and disease that could otherwise make you sick or prone to illness. That's where things like probiotics come in. According to WebMD, probiotics are live bacteria of the "good" variety that are found in your body naturally, but are also found in some foods. They are most known for helping with digestion but can also prevent colds, the flu and urinary tract infections. These four benefits to taking a probiotic supplement or eating more foods with probiotics in them will certainly make you feel your best and make your body happy.

Probiotics help with digestion. The more "good" bacteria you have in your intestines, the less room there will be for bad bacteria to cause problems. Unfortunately, if you are taking antibiotics, the drug can kill the good along with the destructive bacteria, so taking a probiotic supplement can help replenish the ones you lost and continue to regulate the digestive process. (via Food Matters)

Probiotics boost the immune system. Similar to the way in which they help with digestion, probiotics, when present in abundance, push out the threatening bacteria that makes you sick. Probiotics act as the law enforcement of the body. When they are present, they can fight the illness-causing organisms. (via Women's Health)

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Probiotics regulate your metabolism. According to Women's Health, following a diet full of probiotics, low in fat and high in fiber can help you lose weight. This is likely because they make your intestinal walls stronger and more able to keep out molecules that lead to obesity and diabetes.

Probiotics fight infection. Ladies, if you face the annoyance of a yeast infection, probiotics could solve your problem. When there is a pH imbalance down there, the "bad" bacteria can take over and cause the infection.

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With the possible benefits of probiotics, it wouldn't hurt to talk to your doctor about what supplements would be best for you. Everyone is different, but when it comes to fighting sickness and infection, the solution might be similar for everyone. Some foods that are rich in probiotics are yogurt, miso soup, sauerkraut, pickles and tempeh. Click here to find recipes that call for Greek yogurt and experiment with this probiotic-rich staple.

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