The Power of Coffee Fruit

Photo Credit: Certified Organic Skins
(Photo: Certified Organic Skins)

Before a coffee bean embarks on its journey to become that magical cup of Joe we all desperately need in the morning, the coffee bean is actually attached to a fruit from the tree it grows on. These berries are a beautiful shade of cherry red and grow near the equator at high altitudes (where the sun’s oxidizing rays are strongest). It is believed that in order for the berries to protect itself from high doses of ultraviolet radiation, the plant produces a high amount of antioxidants.

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Photo Credit: The Cultureist
(Photo: The Culture-ist)

Much to many people's surprise, the coffee fruit is a highly powerful antioxidant that supposedly puts white tea, blueberries, and pomegranates to shame. Much like other natural plant antioxidants, the coffee berry is high in polyphenols and phenolic acids, which have tremendous health benefits for your body. That includes helping with blood glucose management, helping protect your skin against free radicals that cause aging symptoms, and helping to protect you against heart disease and inflammatory skin problems. Studies done on plants with high levels of polyphenols also show that consuming them can help lower your chance of developing Alzheimer’s and asthma, as well as lower your cholesterol. (via Livestrong)

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A small pilot study showed that consuming an extract from coffee fruit may boost levels of a protein known to influence and support neurons and the central nervous system. The increased levels of this brain-deprived neurotropic factor is a member of a protein family associated with nerve growth and plays a role in learning, memory and behavior, and decreased levels of this has been linked to several mental disorders. The study was not large enough to produce confident and permanent conclusions, but research on coffee fruit continues to grow.

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Shortly after its groundbreaking discovery, coffee berry has gained popularity in the world of health and beauty. Nowadays, coffee berry can be found in supplements, skin care products (i.e., Priori, REVALESKIN) and health beverages (i.e., Bai, SoZo).

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