The 6 Kinds of Friends Every Woman Needs

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No woman is an island, and you've probably thought about which friends you'd want by your side if you found yourself stranded on one. Of course, you would need someone to design fashionable bikinis from coconuts, one to reassure you things are going to be okay, and another who tests your limits. That idea holds true even off the island.

One of the best teachers in life, friendship is an essential part of our well being. In an age where families live far away from each other, friends often fill that very important role of being there for us. Not only do they make milestones more enjoyable, but solid friendships lessen grief and provide support for goals.

The Uplifting Guru
They're the Maya Angelou in your life. Beaming with insight and positive words, this friend is your biggest fan, always cheering you on. Whether it's working toward a promotion or taking a romantic leap of faith, they help you look beyond reality and see what is possible. Constantly pushing you to fulfill ambitions with inspiring words, they help you see opportunity when you feel limited by opposition or pain.

The Social Butterfly
Also touted "The Funny One," this well-connected, bubbly, karaoke singer is the life of the party. Getting you out of your PJs and onto a VIP list, the social butterfuly teaches you the value of seizing a moment. Living by the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, they represent the "do one thing that scares you," wisdom. Through spontaneity, humor, and apt sociability, this friend shows you how to take life's stresses with a grain of salt -- and a shot of tequila.

The One You've Known Forever
Since before you learned to tie your shoes, she's been there. Even when you went through that oddball phase of overalls and crimped hair, they were the "through thick and thin" friend. Many of your daunting firsts have come and gone without the dynamic changing. Knowing someone for that long is not only a unique experience that brings comfort through familiarity, but a shared past based on similar values and knowledge shows their total acceptance of you, inside and out.

The Challenger
A little competition among friends is healthy, and this confidante takes that seriously and brings out the Olympic athlete in you. Passionate about life, they challenge your comfort levels to help alter perception and increase personal growth. By reminding you of who you are and what you're capable of, this friend gives a much needed gentle push so that when self-doubt rises, you're who you need to be. Not to mention, they make the best gym partner! If you ever feel a bit jealous, it's natural. Their confidence pushes you to emulate such qualities.

The Truth Teller
The truth is hard to hear sometimes, but real friends tell it like it is. Built on mutual love, respect and a great deal of trust, this friendship doesn't fear criticism. Without maliciousness, these friends aren't afraid to tell you about that kale in your teeth, how your hair color is getting brassy, or that your new boyfriend is kind of "meh." Through a willingness to bring hard truths to light when we sport rose-colored glasses, these friends help us see blind spots in life through honesty. Their encouragement to be more honest with yourself brings along freedom and humility.


The Opposite
Anaïs Nin wrote, "Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." This enlightening type of friendship represents another phase in life you haven't journeyed. Whether you're single and they're married, the opposite highlights the importance of what's going on in other parts of life's stages. By adding richness and variety, this friend lets you make decisions about who you are and who you want to be based on differences.