Teen Designs Bra That Detects Breast Cancer

When 18-year-old Julián Ríos Cantú nearly lost his mother to breast cancer after a small tumor went undiagnosed and quickly grew, he knew something needed to be done.

Even though his mother survived the disease, it took an undeniable toll on her body, and after seeing what his mother went through, the EVA auto-exploration bra was born.

The bra, Cantú's invention, uses biosensors within the bra's lining to gather and store data, HelloGiggles reports.

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A tumor would cause increased blood flow to certain areas of the breast among other changes. The biosensors take into account any sudden dramatic changes in blood flow, shape, temperature, or texture and if the changes are ongoing, the bra will remind you to go to the doctor.

Cantú's product is still in the prototype phase and he estimates it's two years until it would be ready for consumer use, but the impact his design could have is astounding, and people are already starting to take note.

He won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, taking home $20,000.


The way the biosensors are designed, they can easily fit into multiple bra styles and they will eventually track your information with a simple app, so by simply putting on the bra and staying still for an hour a week, the bra can improve early detection and hopefully help prevent countless deaths from breast cancer in the future.


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