Summer Fruit Hacks

Everyone loves a good life hack, right? And if it involves food, then even better.

Since summertime usually equals a surplus of beautiful fresh fruits around the house, we've compiled a few handy fruit hacks to incorporate into your kitchen routine.

Make 1-ingredient ice cream

Cut up bananas, freeze them, then blend (and blend, and blend) in a food processor and watch it turn into creamy ice cream.

Tip: Try mixing in fruit, nut butters or chocolate for a twist.

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Use plastic to preserve your bananas

Cut a small piece of plastic or Saran wrap and wrap it tightly around the top/crown of bananas to keep them fresh for at least 3-5 days longer.

Banish browning on fresh cut fruits

Prevent your crisp fruit from browning by mixing one cup water with 2 tabelspoons honey then soaking your fruit in the mixture.

Get more juice out of your citrus

Simply slice your lemons and limes lengthwise before juicing.

Make your own dried fruit

Just bake your fruit of choice at 130-160F for a few hours for a homemade healthy snack (see link below for exact bake times).

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Use berries as ice cubes

Freeze organic berries to use as ice in your summer cocktails or to cool down white wine without diluting the taste.

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