Sugar Shockers: 7 Common Foods with Shocking Amounts of Sugar

Sugar is lurking everywhere, especially if you're eating prepackaged foods. It's hard to avoid it when it's hiding under a million different names on the label. Ditching sugar from your diet is a great way to shed pounds and become a healthier person. To help you out, we've found very common foods that contain a shocking amount of sugar.

1. Raisins: As with many dried fruits, sugar lurks in this food! A small box of raisins can have around 25 grams of sugar hiding in it. Instead, snack on grapes or find get a satisfying crunch with slices of cucumbers or bell peppers.


2. Yogurt: We love Greek yogurt, but not all yogurts are created equal. A container of Yoplait original Strawberry Banana yogurt has 19 grams of sugar. Dannon's Blueberry Fruit in the Bottom yogurt has 24 grams of sugar and their Activia mixed berry has 16 grams of sugar. Stick to a plain Greek yogurt to avoid sugars and sweeten it with fresh berries!


3. Milk: A cup of skim milk can have 12 grams of sugar. For a healthy drink, that's a lot of sugar. Instead, try a glass of unsweetened almond milk. This typically has zero grams of sugar and less calories than skim milk.


4. Nutrition Bars: Sugary bars disguise themselves as looking healthy. They often flaunt their amounts of protein and hope you won't notice how many unnatural ingredients and sugars are in it. So which should you be buying? We've broken it down for you.

Photo Credit: Eating Well
(Photo: Eating Well)

5. Condiments: Condiments hide a LOT of sugar and sodium both. Barbecue sauce can often have up to 9 grams in an ounce. One tablespoon of ketchup can have over 3 grams of sugar. Try making our Lower Sugar Ketchup next time!

6. Applesauce: A single cup of applesauce can have over 35 grams of sugar and over 100 calories. It looks like a snack, but the nutrition label suggests more of a dessert. To help put that into perspective, a Snickers bar has 27 grams of sugar, and no, we don't mean the fun-sized bar. Try buying a natural or sugar-free applesauce to cut out some of the sugar.



7. Juice: Most juices are filled with sugars. For example, an eight-ounce glass of Simply Lemonade has 29 grams of sugar, V8 Fusion Vegetable Fruit 100% juice has 26 grams of sugar, and and one pouch of Capri Sun's 25% Less Sugar Wild Cherry still has 18 grams of sugar.


Do you want to remove sugar in your diet once and for all? Try our month-long Sugar-Free Challenge to get you started!