Solutions For Women with Thinning Hair

It's normal to find some hair in your hairbrush after a good brushing, but some of us may notice more hair loss than normal. Dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani, MD says, "we all shed around 100- to 150 hairs per day," but if you're losing more than that, you may be experiencing female pattern baldness. Most cases of female hair loss are genetic but it could be the sign of disease, so you should consider consulting a doctor. If your hair loss is common place, consider some of these products to help!

Diet: Some hair loss is attributed to lack of iron in your diet. This is especially common among vegetarians, so if you're an herbivore losing her hair, be sure you're getting enough leafy greens like spinach and kale.

Minoxidil: The only FDA-approved solution, minoxidil is the drug in Rogaine. It can be purchased over the counter and results can be seen after six months of daily topical use. If you take this route, make sure you continue to use it daily, because it only works for as long as you are applying it. You can purchase it online here.

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Hair transplant: If your hair is thinning, you can get a hair transplant. This involves hair follicles being removed from one part of the scalp and moved into the thinning area. This permanent route has proved successful from many women worldwide, but can cost several thousand dollars.

Fullmore: Fullmore is a spray that fills your hair with tiny fibers to give your hair a more full look. It also tints the scalp so the thinned areas are less noticeable. This is only a temporary solution, but if Rogaine and transplants aren't right for you, you can purchase it online here!

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Prescriptions: Both spironolactone (brand name Aldactone) and finasteride (brand names Propecia and Proscar) are medicines that can be prescribed to women experiencing female pattern hair loss. Around 50 percent of women see results from the drugs, but they are only available to women who have experienced menopause or are past childbearing age, because they can cause birth defects.

Nioxin Thinning Hair System: Nixon offers a customizable kit to help you regrow and thicken your hair. Three out of every four men or women sees positive results using the kits and receives industry recognition year after year. To learn more or try it out for yourself, click here.