Pregnant Woman Tips Pregnant Server $900 Ahead of the Holidays

(Photo: Twitter / @Cosmopolitan)This is a reminder that there is good in this world! Sarah Clark, [...]

(Photo: Twitter / @Cosmopolitan)

This is a reminder that there is good in this world!

Sarah Clark, a 29-year-old server and bartender at Pita Jungle in Norterra, Arizona, received the best Christmas gift in the most unexpected way, Cosmopolitan reports.

While she was working, a couple paid their bill of $61.30 and included a 1,468 percent tip on Dec. 20, 12 News reports. Clark, who is pregnant with her first child and due on Jan. 8, was completely shocked when she saw the bill.

Clark's fiancé is set to have leg surgery on Thursday, so both him and Clark will not be working for a while so the tip came at the perfect time. "This is really going to help with rent and other bill and things like that," she told AZ Family.

Although Clark did not identify the couple, she did share that the woman was pregnant as well.

"This is God's money — He gave it to us so we could give it to you. God bless," the receipt read. "I couldn't believe what I was looking at at first because it was such a high amount. $900 is a lot of money. It took a while for it to set in, and once it did I cried for a little while," Clark explained.


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