Police Officer Pulls Over Pregnant Woman, Gives A Helping Hand

A pregnant woman was pulled over for having expired plates but instead of receiving a ticket she received a helping hand.

Amby M. Johnson was 38-weeks pregnant when she was pulled over by an officer. The officer explained that she was driving with expired plates.

"I reached to my back seat and showed her that I had the new ones, my husband just had not had the time to put them on," Johnson wrote in a post on Facebook.

"He's in the Navy and sometimes he works long days, and I don't want to bother him to put them on . . . Bending over to put them on myself was definitely out of the question," Johnson continued.

A second officer, Jim Allen, pulled up to the scene. At that point, Johnson said she thought she was definitely going to get a ticket. But instead of giving her a ticket, the two officers warned her to get the plates put on as soon as possible.

Johnson asked if Allen would mind putting the plates on for her. He happily agreed and set about getting her new plates situated.

She snapped a picture of the officer lending a helping hand and posted it online, though she never expected it would go viral.


"Today you don't hear about the officers who actually do good, but I wanted to be one of the people to give credit when it's due," she shared.