Oldschool Games to Get Kids (and Parents) Active

active summer

It is quite the treat to be outdoors all day, every day during the summer months. Gardening, mowing the lawn, grilling out. But it doesn't have to be all work and no play! Instead of watching the kids run around (which thankfully tires them out), join them! Revert back to your inner child and play like it's 1985 all over again!

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Hide and Seek: An age-old favorite, this one is great for a small neighborhood game with lots of people! Or, try the reverse of Hide and Seek and play Sardines, where one person hides and everyone tries to find them. It's exciting and full of sprinting around, so you'll be happy to find your heart pounding and head sweating.

hide and go seek

Four Square: Grab some chalk and outline the A, B, C and D squares. This is a classic recess favorite, and although running around isn't a large part of the game, kids can play this for hours to satisfy their competitive nature. First decide the rules: Are cherry bombs allowed?

Red Light, Green Light: Practice your smooth moves and lightness of foot with this one! There's a lot of stopping and starting with this game, meaning short moments of sprinting. Be careful with loud footfalls though; you don't want to be caught moving when "Red light" is called!

Jump rope: You still may not be able to double Dutch, because really, who has that much foot coordination? But the constant jumping will target your glutes, quads and calves. Your core will tighten with each jump, and maybe you'll find the courage to jump in while the rope is already rotating!

jump rope

Tag: Arguably the easiest game to play on planet Earth. You may need to go easy on your kids though, as your legs are much longer and allow you to scamper away from their short reach. A ten-minute game can burn off lots of energy in your young ones!

Capture the Flag: Be prepared to devote some time to this intense battle. This game is full of running, sneaking, tagging people out of jail, reconnaissance, and guarding that flag with your life, so let your competitive nature fly high. Note: adults necessary to diffuse arguments.


Freeze Dance: This gives you the opportunity to giggle at your husband's two left feet. A similar game to red light, green light, after the music stops you must freeze your groovy dance moves in an instant. Anyone caught moving is out!

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