Oh Snap! 13 Must-Have Vitamins for Proper Body Functions

Let's face it, eating healthy is not always an easy task. With busy schedules, children and a [...]

Let's face it, eating healthy is not always an easy task. With busy schedules, children and a home to upkeep, cooking the perfect dinner is not exactly number one on our lists of things to do. Thankfully, there are vitamins that help our bodies when we slack off in the nutrition department. To help you identify which ones you should be making top priority, we've compiled a list of the top 13. Please remember to consult your physician before adding any of these supplements to your diet.

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Omega 3 – Fish oil pill: Omega 3 fatty acids can benefit our bodies in many different ways. A daily does of Omega-3s can help your joints, heart, brain, vision and even boost fertility.  An Omega-3 supplement can even fight future wrinkles and attack acne issues. Take 1000mg capsule daily before or after a meal.

Calcium & MagnesiumWomen are susceptible to osteoporosis and taking a calcium supplement has been known to combat the risk of obtaining this disease later in life. Take 500mg of Calcium twice daily. Magnesium, especially when taken in conjunction with calcium, can help keep bones strong. Magnesium also helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rhythm. Take 200mg of Magnesium twice daily.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D's purpose is to ensure the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus are in the blood to protect your bones. A vitamin D supplement is particularly important for those of us who live in northern regions and experience dark winters. Vitamin D comes from sun exposure and when you do not get an adequate amount of sunlight, you may begin to experience side effects such as depression (Seasonal Depression anyone?). Take 500 IU twice daily

 Folic Acid: Although it is particularly important to take Folic Acid during pregnancy, its benefits are just as vast when you are not pregnant. Folic Acid is effective in reducing the likelihood of heart attack and stroke, reducing your risk of breast cancer, and treating gum disease and depression. Take 400 mcg twice daily.

Vitamin C: Aside from Vitamin C being one of the safest nutrients, it is also one of the most beneficial. We all know that Vitamin C can help us to ward off a cold but did you know that it can also protect against heart disease, eye disease and skin wrinkling? Say "bye, bye Botox!" Take 250mg twice daily.

Iron: When women are in their childbearing years, they lose large quantities of iron through menstruation. Iron is needed for carrying oxygen in the blood and keeping things pumping. Take 18mg once daily.

Anti-oxidants: This is a broad category of vitamins that includes vitamins C, A and E. Anti-oxidants help to fight free radicals in the body that are to blame for signs of aging. If you want to fight aging naturally, be sure you are taking your anti-oxidants daily! Take at least 15 mg of Vitamin E daily, 75 mg of Vitamin C and 2,310 IU of Vitamin A.

Niacin: Niacin has been known to treat high cholesterol and reduce the hardening of arteries. Diseases like heart disease may not be on your mind presently, but can absolutely become concern in the future. Take at least 15 mg daily, preferably more, based on your doctor's recommendation.

Selenium: Selenium is important due to its anti-oxidant properties that aid in protecting cells from damage. For this reason, it plays a role in cancer prevention. Take 100 mcg twice daily.

Pantothenic acid: Also know as vitamin B5, pantothenic acid is known to convert carbohydrates into energy more efficiently. Therefor, this supplement is a good fit for anyone who may be feeling a lack of energy. Take 150mg twice daily.

Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q10 is said to help the body in recovery, especially from exercise. This is important as the older we get the more difficult it is for the body to repair itself after physical exertion. The vitamin may also help to prevent periodontal disease. Take 200 mg daily

Aspirin: Aspirin can protect against heart attacks and stroke by inhibiting blood clots. This is only something to consider after speaking with your doctor, as with all dietary supplementation. Take 162mg daily with 2 glasses of warm water.