NEWS: New Treatment May Help Menopausal Women Have Babies

As an adult woman, you constantly hear it ticking: your biological clock. Pressure from family, friends and society leads you to believe that you have to ‘sow your seeds’ before it becomes nearly impossible to have children. But a new scientific advancement may help women get pregnant even after their periods stop during menopause.

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Dr. Konstantinos Pantos told Cosmopolitan that he and his colleagues have seen amazing successes in their newest groundbreaking experiment to combat infertility. The procedure involves ovarian rejuvenation, a surgery in which blood is drawn from the arm and placed in a centrifuge. This separates the molecules that stimulate tissue and blood vessel growth, then this super-compound is injected into the uterus.

For menopausal women, this process will allow the follicles in the ovaries to begin production again. The follicles are responsible for the release of eggs and once a patient is ovulating, eggs can be fertilized, frozen or collected for artificial insemination, making pregnancy possible for older women and those who experience fertility issues.

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Since this procedure causes women to ovulate, does that mean they start getting their periods again? Yes, but the doctors aren’t sure as to the time that these menopause reversal effects will last. It’s also important to note that no patient using this treatment method has given birth yet. The study is ongoing, but the potential looks bright.


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The oldest woman who has participated in this treatment is 49 years old and more research is being conducted to see how women above this age will respond. Dr. Pantos made it clear that the goal isn’t to allow every woman of any age to get pregnant. “We’re not trying to surpass nature, just extend the boundaries,” Dr. Pantos told Cosmo. He is confident it will be a life-altering form of treatment for perimenopausal women whose periods end at a younger age.