Mother Accuses OB-GYN of Drinking Tequila Before Botched Delivery

When Sheree Sims' daughter, Alex's, ob-gyn wasn't available when she went into labor, she had no idea it would have dangerous consequences.

The doctor who showed up to the call, Dr. Frank DeLee, had allegedly been drinking and it affected his abilities, causing irreversible damage to her grandson, according to Sims.

"Before I even saw him, I smelled the alcohol," Sims told Us Weekly.

The family recorded their time in the delivery room and captured the doctor's alarming confession on tape.

"Wasn't that many people in the bar when I left," Sims recalled him saying.

A nurse then said to him, "I'm sorry. Did you waste a drink?"

She apparently asked him whether he had to leave behind vodka and he replied, "No, tequila."

In the delivery room, things took a scary turn.

"My epidural kept wearing off," the 28-year-old preschool teacher explained. But DeLee didn't respond appropriately. "One of the things he said was 'Scoot your fat a** down.' That's not something you tell somebody that's having a child. Then he goes, 'I bet you wish your doctor was in town.'"

The parents are now claiming DeLee's botched delivery caused Erb's palsy, paralysis to their son Jared's arm due to nerve damage.


"I'm in shock that he's still practicing medicine," Alex added. "He should lose his license."