The Wildly Effective Workout That Sculpts Jennifer Lopez's Lower Body

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To put it mildly, Jennifer Lopez just keeps getting better with age. The musician, actress and mom of two works with celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, on creative, functional and total-body toning routines to keep her figure tight and lean while keeping curves in all the right places.

Anderson has revolutionized modern fitess and works diligently on creating balance where there is imbalance in her clients' bodies. Anderson shared one of her custom-designed full-body workouts for J-Lo, saying it packs an extra punch for the glutes, and we're all over it.

How it works: Anderson says to repeat each move for 30 reps, then switch sides and go for 30 more. If you really want J-Lo results, ankle weights will add a challenge (1½ or 2 pounds will work, but Lopez uses 5-pounders!). Ready to sweat? Get after it.

1. Flexed Knee Pull and Arabesque

Start on all fours, then bring one knee in toward your chest. Flex it, then reach your leg all the way up and back. Return to starting position, then repeat.

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2. Lunge Arabesque

Step one foot out to a kneeling side lunge. Lower yourself down onto your forearms, then extend that same leg back and up. Return to the side lunge position and repeat.

3. Coupé Pushup to Attitude

Lie down, then bend one leg, crossing it over the back of your other knee. Push yourself up and back, lifting that leg up. Return to starting position, then repeat.

4. Lifting Side Kick

Sit on one hip, propping yourself up on your forearm. Lift your hips until you’re balancing on one shin with the other leg lifted up. Return to starting position and repeat.

5. Shoulder Balance with Leg Pull


Start on all fours with one arm under your chest as you lower yourself down until your head and shoulders hit the mat. Extend your leg out to the side until your toes touch the floor. Lift that leg up and point your foot. Return to starting position and repeat.


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