How to Have a Blissful At-Home Spa Night

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There's something to be said for actually washing your hair -- dry shampoo, though amazing, doesn't count -- then putting pants on and venturing out to that trendy new hot spot flooding your Instagram feed. But sometimes lighting candles, wrapping yourself in a fluffy robe and straight up pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home is exponentially better than going out on the town.

When the thought of pulling yourself together enough to make an appearance at your usual weekend watering hole sounds less than appealing, there's no shame in hunkering down at the house and turning your bathroom into your personal luxury spa -- and it's easier than you might think.

1. Finish Your To-Do List Early

If you still have errands or work emails hanging over your head, you'll never be able to relax. Check everything off your list before spa time so you can zone out appropriately. Tip: make sure to add washing your sheets to the to-do list; there's nothing better than crawling into fresh, crisp sheets on your spa night.

2. Turn Off the Tech

We know this one sounds scary, but do your best to either turn your phone and computer off, or at least put them aside for a little bit. You're aiming for a Zen-like atmosphere here, and that doesn't include checking Facebook notifications.

3. Gather Preliminary Supplies

First and foremost we recommend making sure you have the essentials on hand: your favorite wine, sweet smelling candles, a good playlist and some form of chocolate to snack on. Don't forget to dim the lights down or turn them off altogether. Also, prep a refreshing spa water to enjoy by adding sliced cucumbers, lemons and fresh mint to a pitcher of cold water. These things will get you started in the right direction. Also, go ahead and place your favorite lotion either in a bowl of hot water or on top of a heating vent so that it's waiting for you nice and warm to rub on immediately after your bath.

4. Add a Face Mask

Begin applying a homemade hydrating face mask. Since it's winter now and we're all suffering from dry, flaky skin, we recommend this easy mask using ingredients you probably have on hand: mix half of a very ripe avocado, two tablespoons of honey and one-half teaspoon of coconut oil until the mixture is smooth and very creamy. Then simply apply to your face (avoiding eyes) and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Any leftovers? You have a snack!


Kiehl's Lavender Foaming-Relaxing Bath
Lavender Essential Oil
Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter
Kiehl's Over-night Biological Peel

5. Start Your Bath

While your mask is on, run your warm bath water while adding fizzy bath salts and calming lavender bath gel like Kieh's Foaming-Relaxing Bath or essential oils. You'll also want a comfortable bath pillow to support your back. If you don't have one, rolling up a towel to prop under your neck will work, too.

If you don't have a bathtub, you can still enjoy this process by turning your shower into a relaxing sauna. Just turn your shower to its hottest for about 15 minutes, and then while things get steamy spray a washcloth with lavender essential oil. When you step into the shower, put the washcloth to your face and breathe deeply, taking in the soothing scented steam to de-stress.

6. Mask Your Mane

If you have a favorite hair mask, now is the time to apply it. If not, all you need is a generous amount of coconut oil to slather onto your strands. Just wrap a towel around your head after application and let the oil add shine and strength to your hair while you continue to soak in your relaxing bath.

7. Exfoliate

While your face and hair masks are doing their jobs, it's time to focus on the rest of your body. Step out of the tub and onto a towel spread out on your bathroom floor and get ready for a rigorous exfoliation session. A simple sugar scrub will work wonders on dull skin, and you can make one yourself at home. Just mix one cup brown sugar with one cup raw oats and one cup olive oil, then apply to your skin in slow, circular motions using your hands. After you're done, step into the shower to rinse off your body, face and hair.

8. Beautify


You're clean and exfoliated now, so it's time to apply a luxurious all-over body moisturizer like Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Butter, which has shea butter and grape seed oil to hydrate and soothe skin. Next, give your face some more TLC with a gentle over-night skin peel, like Kiehl's Over-night Biological Peel.

9. Do Something You Love

Whether it's writing in your journal or catching up on Netflix, put on your favorite pajamas, cloak yourself in your softest blanket and settle in on the couch to do something that makes you happy before climbing into bed with your fresh, clean sheets.