How to Give Up Dairy When Cheese Is Your Life

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Cheese is the ultimate comfort food — and goes on everything! From pizza to pasta to sandwiches, this is one indulgent treat that's hard to forgo. If you've noticed a dairy or lactose intolerance lately, though, giving up dairy (even precious cheese) might not be a bad idea. Here are seven simple tricks to lessen the blow.

Start slow

The all-or-nothing approach might work for some, but for most, life-changing habits start when you incorporate healthier eating patterns gradually. Instead of cutting out all cheese, try eliminating it from weekday meals first. Then, begin halving the amount of cheese in the recipes you're still eating on the weekends. Not only will you start to feel better about your new eating patterns, but also they'll be more likely to stick because of your consistent approach.

Buy dairy-free alternatives

There are so many dairy-free alternatives available today. Find a pizza restaurant that offers dairy-free cheese and begin testing out the alternatives you find in stores. While they may not taste exactly the same, some come pretty close. And the longer you eat them, the less you'll notice.


Get rid of temptation

Clean out your fridge. Of all the things that last longest in there, cheese always seems to win! Toss out all that cheese, including the Parmesan cheese shaker you have sandwiched between all of your other condiments.

Make a commitment

Once you get rid of the temptation, go ahead and set your mind to your new dairy-free lifestyle. Making the decision up front will leave you less likely to waver in the moment — even tell your friends! This will make backtracking even harder.

Find an accountability partner

Everything is better with a partner. Ask your significant other or a friend to join you in your new endeavor; that way you can keep each other accountable and share tips and tricks you find along the way.

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Explore other foods

There are plenty of other foods out there. Instead of focusing on what you're not eating, start exploring all of the others you can eat. Spice up your repertoire and become more adventurous in what you're willing to try. There's a whole world out there with interesting cuisines (and not all of it involves cheese)!

Embrace your new lifestyle


Start to focus on the positive changes you're seeing in your life. Do you feel better? Empowerment goes a long way. You can journal about why you're thankful for your new lifestyle or share your thoughts with a friend. You should be proud of your dairy-free approach to life!


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