Healthy Foods You Need to Stay Fuller Longer

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Between rushing to get the kids ready for school and running to work, it can be a physically demanding effort that works up an appetite. By mid-morning, our stomachs cry for food, so we opt for the quickest snack within reach. Pop tarts? Eh, they were in reach.

Choosing high-fiber foods not only adds nutrients to our diet, but helps avoid those awkward, loud cries from our tummy during that quiet morning meeting. Avoid those hunger pangs by eating healthy choices guaranteed to keep you feeling fuller, longer and not kick up those calories.

An Apple a Day

A study from Pennsylvania State University discovered eating apples before a meal means consuming 187 fewer calories. Since apples are packed with water and fiber (not to mention, maintain blood sugar levels), crunching on one before a meal will fill you up and suppress your appetite.


Known as an excellent source of complex carbs, protein and fiber, legumes like lentils, beans, chickpeas and even peanuts, are a highly satisfying food that deliver good fats and balance blood sugars. Since legumes are relatively low in calories, eating half a cup per day can aid in weight loss or maintenance due to its increased sense of fullness.


Filled with fiber and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, eating half an avocado with lunch can help suppress hunger thanks to the slow breakdown of its soluble fibers, keeping you feeling fuller, longer. With avocados rich in fiber and fat, it takes the body longer to digest and consequently has you consuming fewer calories.

Dark Chocolate

Research suggests dark chocolate not only reduces blood pressure and protect your brain and heart, but has the ability to curb cravings for both sweet and salty foods. According to Nutrition and Diabetes, dark chocolate is more filling than milk chocolate and those who consume this surprising treat actually consume 17% fewer calories during a meal following a dose of the dark chocolate.


Thanks to appetite-stimulating hormones, eating eggs helps the body to delay its hunger response. With the perfect combination of protein and fat, eggs are more satisfying than other breakfast food. If you’re looking to lose weight with the aid of eggs, consider eating the whites until you reach your desired goal, then reintroduce the yolks.

Greek yogurt

Rich in calcium, low in sugar and high in protein, Greek yogurt is incredibly delicious and beneficial to the digestive system with its plentiful healthy bacteria. Not only can consuming the yogurt slow digestion of carbohydrates during meal consumption, but the extra proteins found in Greek with comparison to regular ol’ yogurt goes a long way into making you feel full.

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High in fiber and protein, oatmeal’s proven to keep you feeling fuller, longer. As per a study from the American College of Nutrition that concludes oatmeal improves appetite control and increases satiety, seriously consider dumping cold, bland cereal. If you want to get ahead of the trend, opt for steel-cut oats that are whole grain and contain more fiber.

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