Watch: You'll Never Eat a Gummy Bear or Marshmallow Again After Seeing How It's Made

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If you happen to turn over the package of gummy bears as you're devouring them, the ingredients may seem pretty normal.

You'll find glucose syrup and sugar, but you'll also see the word gelatin. HARIBO, a popular maker of gummy candies, says this ingredient is "for the 'chew'".

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And though it helps your gummies get that perfect chew, guess what you're actually chewing on? Gelatin is a yellow-colored, odorless and fairly tasteless agent derived from animal skin and bones, and if that doesn't make you wonder, we're pretty confident the way that it's prepared will.

The substance is made from the parts of animals that the meat industry doesn't use (think: pork skin, horns and bones). For a ~graphic~ depiction of the process, watch the video below if you dare.

Though the gelatin-making process is cringeworthy, the blend actually contains 18 amino acids, so it does offer some nutritional benefits. It's also worth noting that even organic gummies contain gelatin!

If you aren't so psyched about the idea of chewing animal skin and bones in your candy, you'll also want to stay clear of Jell-O, some vitamins and medications, marshmallows, fruit snacks, jams and jellies, and other preserved foods.

To see whether your favorite treats are sneaking in this animal-produced ingredient, pay attention to the product labels, looking closely for gelatin.



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