Going Out? Stay Away From These 8 Cocktails

Don't let hitting the bars mean taking a hit on your diet. You can still enjoy a night out without ruining your hard work! There are tons of low-calorie beer options and Skinny Mom has delicious cocktail recipes for fewer calories! Just be sure you're avoiding these sugary, carb- and calorie-laden beverages!

Margaritas: When made from the mix, this drink is full of sugar. For a healthier version, go back to the basics and make your margs with fresh lime juice, tequila and tiny bit of agave syrup, or try this Skinny Margarita for all the flavor with a fraction of the calories!

skinny margarita

Piña Coladas: High in calories and full of sugar, a drink that comes from a mix like this is not something you'll be thanking yourself for in the morning! If you really want something sweet, try coconut water with rum and garnish it with a slice of pineapple!

Long Island Iced Tea: Iced tea sounds like it'd be a skinnier option, but with rum, vodka, gin, tequila and triple sec, this drink is packed in calories. For a lower calorie option, try using iced tea as a base and adding just vodka. You can flavor it with a squeeze from from lemon or lime!

Sangria: While the fruit makes it seem healthy, a sangria is often filled with sugary syrups. Try making your own like this White Sangria recipe so you know exactly what you're consuming!

(Photo: Skinny Fork)

Cosmopolitan: If your cosmo is made with a sugar-free mix and vodka, then you're good to go. But most bartenders will use triple sec and cranberry juice, which will really add up in the sugar department!

White Russian: Between the coffee liquor and the heavy cream, this drink not only has a lot of calories, but a lot of fat. It's a delicious drink, but if you're trying to limit your intake, stay away from White Russians.

white russian
(Photo: Her Campus)

Mulled Wine: Mulled wine is made up of fruits and herbs and isn't all that bad for you, but if you're wondering why you're feeling wired after a drink, it's because of all the sugar.

Rum and Coke: We all know how bad soda is for you, and while diet coke will lower the calories, we really recommend avoiding diet sodas. If you really need the bubbles however, try mixing your liquor with club soda.