Go-Go Gadget: Herb Keeper

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Herbs can be the one of the most powerful elements to a finely cooked culinary masterpiece. Chefs and foodies thrive on experimenting with different herb combinations to compliment their dishes and use them to push for delicious and satisfying levels. The only flaw to this herbal romance is the limited amount of time you have with your piece of edible earth, and the burden of not having a fresh herb available for multiple meals throughout the week.

There is a solution to this tragedy and it’s as simple as purchasing an herb keeper!

Check out this one by Crate & Barrel. It’s made of glass, has a super chic, clean and modern design, and is only $19.95. It’s designed to fit perfectly in your fridge on the top shelf or on the side door. The unprocessed herbs stand in a plastic reservoir and the leaf topper allows you to lift the herbs and cut them without removing them from the glass canister. Pretty nifty!

Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel
(Photo: Crate & Barrel)

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If you want something a little more intense, check this one out. This is made by Prepara and it has excellent reviews. Its advanced design (that has been tested for functional credibility) helps to keep fresh herbs at their peak for up to three weeks! All you have to do is fill the base with water, place the herbs in the basket and store in your fridge. It also works great for asparagus, which can definitely come in handy! For more information on this product, click here to check it out.

williams sonoma herb keeper
(Photo: Williams Sonoma)

Check out these fun recipes to get the herbal ideas flowin'!

Salmon en Papillote with Asparagus: Use your herb keeper to properly store the stocks of asparagus for this savory dish. It's also a great opportunity to get creative with using complimentary herbs and spices to make this meal more appetizing for your personal taste. Want to try out this delicious recipe? Click here to see it.

salmon en papillote

Skinny Tilapia Lettuce Wraps: This tilapia recipe is a great excuse to use fresh herbs straight from your herb keeper. Cilantro is the key to this tasty dish! Click here to get our recipe.

skinny lettuce wraps


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