Get Stronger with 7 Days of Superfoods

Remember when açaí berries hit the top of the health food trends? Perhaps you've been suckered into trying a shot of wheat grass to pack in your nutrients. Now, the must-have superfood in the lead is kale — the dark, leafy, sometimes bitter, green. The trends come and go, but every superfood has its right to be crowned. Take a handful of your favorite ones and load them into a week's worth of meals. Below is an example week with delicious and energizing recipes. After seven days, you might just have super powers.


Blueberries: These tiny guys are jammed with vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. One cup is approximately 80 calories. Blueberries are mighty and versatile; you can sprinkle a few into your yogurt or granola, toss them in with a salad or smoothie or enjoy the sweetness in a dessert. Try these Blueberry Protein Muffins for breakfast for a quick on-the-go snack.



Cauliflower: Whether it's white, gold or a vibrant purple, this "cabbage flower" is structured with phytonutrients, which help fight weight gain, diabetes and even some cancers (learn more here). It's very low in calories — only 26 calories per cup or 100 grams. You can roast it, bake it, steam and purée it. Try one of these 10 recipes, like the Skinny Mac and Cheese or the Vegan Cauliflower Rice Bowl.

(Photo: The Skinny Fork)


Kale and Salmon: Go big by pairing these two superfoods together in a combo meal. Kale is only 33 calories per cup, and you really don't need much to reap the exponential benefits. It offers vitamins A, C, K and B (folate) as well as fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon, though, has a dozen times more omega-3s, which are the healthy fats your neurological system craves. Wild-caught, organic salmon is the best bet if you want to avoid contaminants and load up on vitamins B12, B6, B3, D, protein, phosphorus, biotin and more. Try this Crispy Coconut Kale with Roasted Salmon, which makes the kale sweeter and fish, crispy.

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(Photo: James Ransom, Bloom and Nourish)


Eggs (the entire egg!): Forget what you heard about dropping the yolk. Egg whites and yolk are better together. If you think about it, it has enough power and nutrients to develop a baby chick. So, ingesting that power source, like B-complex vitamins, vitamin A, phosphorous, protein, omega-3s and more. It has a little bit of everything. Hard boil them and pop them as snacks, or add the hard-boiled eggs to one of these six mouth-watering recipes, like the Egg and Muffins Pizza (yes, please).



Avocado: It's not difficult to be a fan of avocado. You can add it to sandwiches, spreads, smoothies, salads, sushi, burritos and the list goes on. One avocado is approximately 250 calories, but you only need a few slices. More than 20 vitamins and minerals exist in this present-wrapped fruit. Try mixing up a spread for the Blackened Chicken and Avocado Cream Sauce for dinner.


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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds: Everybody wants a scoop of these potent seeds (get the scoop here!). From a crispy coat over chicken or fish to a smoothly churned addition in a smoothie, you can do a lot with these popular bitties. They're big on energy, protein, fiber and calcium. As a whole grain, the body readily absorbs it. One heaping teaspoon is about 127 calories, but don't stray from these seeds — they can help you fight weight gain! Try using one of these 12 ways to add chia to your day, or sprinkle a pinch in your smoothie or yogurt. Click here for a Chia Seed Pudding recipe for a sweet treat without the guilt!

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Bone Broth: It doesn't sounds appetizing unless you're a cavewoman, but this liquid is naturally suited for the human body. When you're sick, you turn to soups and broths. When you're nervous, anxious or fatigued, you can sip on some to soothe your nerves and boost your awareness. It's created by boiling animal bones until the protein, collagen and minerals separate into the broth. Make a bowl for yourself to help strengthen your hair and nails, immune system and memory. Try a homemade recipe here.


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