Finished a Tough Workout? Chug Chocolate Milk

We know what you're thinking: "Chocolate milk after a workout? Seriously?" When you think of chocolate milk you don't really connect it to fitness or health. So why are experts saying chocolate milk is actually recommended over water and sports drinks after completing an intense workout?

chocolate milk

According to Fitness Magazine, chocolate milk contains necessary nutrients to help rejuvenate your body after an intense workout. Compared to water, plain milk, or sports drinks, chocolate milk gives double the amount of carbohydrates and protein content, as well as high water content. The double amount of nutrients is perfect for replenishing your muscles and any fluids in your body to prevent dehydration.

If you're just going for a light jog around the neighborhood or playing a quick tennis match with some friends, then chocolate milk is not necessary. Due to the high amount of carbohydrates and other nutrients in the drink, chocolate milk is beneficiary to those who have just finished an intense cycling workout or have ran for a long distance (like training for a marathon).

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Not only is choosing the right post-workout drink important, but when you should refuel is something to highly consider as well. EAS Sports Nutrition conducted a "Fit or Fiction" article to debunk some of the fitness myths out there. One statement said that it isn't necessary to eat after a workout because it just adds extra calories. So, what do you think? Fact or fiction? According to the article, it indeed is a myth when it comes to not needing to eat or drink after a workout. By giving yourself the correct nutrients either from a meal or drink around 30 minutes after your workout, you can improve your body composition by building more lean body mass and retaining less fat. You also can rejuvenate your muscles and reduce stress to your body at a faster rate.


So, the moral of the story is if you are someone who completes intense workouts and burns a significant amount of calories at one time, consider drinking chocolate milk after. Give your body nutrients and satisfy your tastebuds all in one sitting!

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