Fermented Cultured Vegetables: Should You Be Eating Them?

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We all known the importance of stocking our diets full of veggies, but is there more that we can be doing to boost our immune systems? Experts say yes - adding fermented cultured vegetables to our daily meals can supercharge our health and keep our digestive tract nice and squeaky-clean! So whether you are making your own fermented veggies or purchasing them at your nearest store, take a look at the information below to learn more about why you and your family need to load up this summer!

What are fermented cultured veggies? Almost any vegetable out there can be fermented in a method called lacto-fermentation. The process consists of enhancing the nutrient content of the veggies by exposing them to lactic bacteria, or Lactobacillus, a species of bacteria that occurs naturally within the human body, especially in the mouth and stomach. As a preservative, this bacteria helps promote vitamin and enzyme levels, digestion, and the body's ability to break down sugars into lactic acid. In short, they make the minerals commonly found in our favorite veggies more easily accessible to us!

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What can they do for us? Fermented cultured veggie are revolutionary when it comes to promoting and sustaining our gut health. Our GI tract is home to about 85 percent of our immune system, and contains about 100 trillion bacteria that interacts with our immune responses. Keeping our gut healthy and happy is absolutely essential to maintaining our wellbeing, and the fermenting process can go a long way in promoting a healthy metabolism and reducing inflammation caused by unwanted bacteria. Experts insist that fermented foods are loaded with probiotics that help break down and eliminate harmful toxins and heavy metals from your body. They can also provide a surprising array of functions such as: (via Mercola.com)

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How can you incorporate fermented vegetables into your diet? Luckily for you, fermentation is a process that has been around forever. Not only is the food preservation method fairly simple and straightforward, these superfoods are available for purchase at nearly every store. Take a look at the list below for some great options to add to your diet!

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