Essential Tools to Improve Your Kitchen Workstation

It's not easy to be a good cook. In fact, it's pretty difficult. But behind every talented cook is a good work station. With a good set of knives and some good equipment, you can hone your kitchen skills to perfection.

Knife set: A sharp set of knives will aid you in all of your cooking. From cutting vegetables to working with meats, if you don't have the proper knife, you won't get far. We recommend a 12-piece set like this one from J.A. Henckels. Unsure as to which knife to use? Click here for our ultimate knife guide.

JA henckles statement cutlery
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Food containers: Having a place to store all of your baking needs, like flour and sugar, will save you from a cluttered cabinet. You can label each container and make your kitchen far more efficient. Try out his 7-piece set!

oggi food storage containers
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Quality Cookware: Using old and worn out cookware is only going to slow you down in the kitchen. If your pots and pans never seem to clean properly or have old stains, it's time for an upgrade! For a quality set that won't break the bank, try this stainless steel set from Martha Stewart!

martha stewart collection
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Mixer: A mixer is a baker's best friend. It can speed up the preparation process immensely when used correctly! It also has a plethora of other attachments you can use to juice fruits and vegetables, make ice cream and more! Get your own KitchenAid Mixer here.

kitchenaid classic
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Slow cooker: If you don't own a slow cooker then you're doing something wrong. Slow cookers are a busy mom's very best friend. You can throw together your ingredients in the morning and return home later to a fully cooked meal! Here's a great slow cooker to start you off and 52 meals you can make with it!

crock pot
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Toaster oven: Having a toaster oven is a great way to speed things up. This toaster oven not only makes toast, but you can also bake in it. It preheats much faster than an oven, so if you're short on time, it's a great option! Make frozen foods and appetizers in your toaster oven or cook a second dish while a bigger one uses the oven. This toaster oven can do it all!

breville toaster oven
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